Euro Fishing’s: “Manor Farm Lake” DLC – Now Available

Euro Fishing’s: “Manor Farm Lake” DLC – Now Available

Following on from the cool counter-culture urban fishing of Euro Fishing’s “Foundry Dock” DLC, Dovetail Games has released “Manor Farm Lake” on the Linear Fisheries complex. As the most famous day-ticket complex in the country, it’s a venue that every angling enthusiast knows well, and this officially licensed DLC release for Euro Fishing captures every last detail of the enormous 14-acre lake.

“’Foundry Dock’ was just the start of our Euro Fishing journey,” said Mark Greenway, Fishing Business Director at Dovetail Games. “This venue means there’s lots more fishing to look forward to on one of the most iconic and loved fishing venues around. We’re not sure what the record is for the amount of fish in a video game, but this venue shows that we’re serious about breaking it!”

Known for its big fish, Manor Farm Lake is home to over 700 carp, but that’s not all skilled anglers can catch. Manor Farm Lake also has roach, bream, tench, and catfish lurking beneath its surface, with 23 new boss fish to catch, as well. The DLC also offers 10 new achievements for those who want to prove their angling skills to the world.

The “Manor Farm Lake” DLC is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system for $10.99.

Official Website:

“Manor Farm Lake” DLC Trailer:


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