Autumn Games Partners With LINE Corp to Bring ‘Skullgirls’ to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Android

Autumn Games Partners With LINE Corp to Bring ‘Skullgirls’ to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Android

Leading into the annual Game Developers Conference, mobile game publisher Autumn Games inked a deal with social platform giant LINE Corporation to distribute the mobile game version of “Skullgirls,” the blockbuster fighting game franchise. The free-to-play version is expected to soft launch Spring 2017 on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad; as well as Google Play for Android.

“We’re honored to partner with LINE and its more than 220 million monthly active users, who are an important part of the mobile social fabric globally,” said Jason Donnell, co-founder of Autumn Games. “We look forward to great success together bringing our highly anticipated ‘Skullgirls’ mobile franchise to gamers worldwide.”

“We’ve released massive global mobile hits, including Disney’s ‘Tsum Tsum,’ but this agreement represents our first major U.S.-based developer publishing deal,” said Jung Yeonhee, Executive Officer of LINE Games. “Our platform is the perfect vehicle to engage existing fans and introduce new players to the action-rich complex fighting experience.”

The mobile version of Skullgirls was originally announced in July 2016 at Anime Expo by the game’s mobile developer, Hidden Variable Studios. Designed to distill the essence of complex fighting games into a deep, accessible mobile experience, Skullgirls features RPG progression, customization, team-/deck-building mechanics and a Fight Assist mode that lets players take on a more turn-based, tactical combat role.

“For fans everywhere, Skullgirls is synonymous with meticulously hand-crafted quality that builds upon the grand traditions of the fighting game genre, perfecting it while also pushing it forward,” said Charley Price, co-founder and creative director of Hidden Variable. “We’ve spent nearly two years developing a mobile fighting game that anyone can play and enjoy – a game for both hardcore fighting game pros and those who merely admire fighting games from afar. We’re excited for Skullgirls to redefine and usher in the new age of mobile fighting games.”

 Skullgirls, one of the most critically acclaimed gaming franchises, has uniquely appealed to both hardcore fighting game fans and casual gamers since making its triumphant return in 2013 as part of one of the most successful video game crowdfunding campaigns ever. To date, the global hit franchise, developed by Lab Zero, has sold millions of copies across Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and PC platforms.

Skullgrils iOS/Android Screenshots:

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