Metro Redux (Review) Xbox One

Metro Redux (Review) Xbox One
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Developed by 4A Games, Metro Redux is a two-part remake of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light that benefits from a new lighting engine, a vastly improved 4A Engine, and solid gameplay that runs smoothly at 60fps. Available individually or together in a bundle, Metro Redux revisits the tribulations of Arytom, as he tries to survive a post-apocalyptic Russia that is infested by hideous mutations.

To make matters worse, his home – the Exhibition – is being threatened by a new mutant race simply known as, ‘The Dark Ones’. As the story unfolds, it’s eventually learned that these sentient humanoid creatures have a profound connection with the game’s protagonist and his past.

Metro Redux contains a multitude of changes that separate it from the original releases, and most of it is noticeable the moment you start playing. For starters, Metro 2033 Redux’s gameplay includes most elements from Metro: Last Light, including the ability to wipe your mask clean by pressing the LS button. Combat also includes Last Light’s stealth takedowns and all the weapons from its prior DLCs.  And while the levels have remained about the same, certain characters and items have been given new locations. Some content has been censored, as developer 4A Games omitted the drug references from the original releases.

But with censoring aside, Metro 2033 Redux still provides a convincing, post-apocalyptic environment thanks to the remastered graphics and the inclusion of all character models from Metro: Last Light. As it stands, Metro 2033 received the most polish in this two-game release. Metro: Last Light Redux did receive some upgrades, including all prior DLC (weapons included) and the ability to check your watch and inventory, but the graphics remained almost untouched. The boost in screen resolution is obvious, and the in-game textures appear more detailed, but the gameplay has remained about the same.

Due to all the enhancements made to Metro 2033, both titles in Redux play very similar. The player spends the first half of both games exploring Russia’s underground Metro system, interacting with the last of mankind.

The game has two difficulty modes –  Survival and Spartan. Survival mode has less ammo and filters, the enemies are more difficult, and stealth is far more challenging. The original survival horror gameplay from Metro 2033 has also been retained with a strong emphasis on intense combat and resource management. Spartan mode is more forgiving, but stealth is still required. This difficulty setting is fast-paced, but it doesn’t require as much stealth and it’s not as difficult to play. This mode mirrors the gameplay from Metro: Last Light. In fact, filters and other resources are in abundance compared to Survival mode.

When you’re not fighting the Soviets or the Fourth Reich in Metro 2033 Redux – or dealing with Pavel’s antics in Last Light Redux – you’re on the surface braving the harsh conditions. As you explore the ruined landscape, the decomposing bodies of soldiers can be found scattered throughout each level. Searching these bodies is important, as they will sometimes contain much-needed ammo or a random weapon (i.e. shotgun, rifle, etc.) to help aid in your survival. But most importantly, they will sometimes have air filters for your biohazard mask; the bane of your existence.

The game requires the player to replace the filter on Arytom’s biohazard mask every couple of minutes, making your time on the surface a constant race for ‘clean’ air. Air filters are abundant, but they are usually spread too far apart. Arytom’s wristwatch keeps track of each filter and beeps when it’s time to attach a new one.

Metro’s stealth mechanics can make sneaking through monster infested areas very difficult. While crouching, you must carefully walk through maps laden with broken glass and other debris. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always have the desired effect. While some areas are barren of life, others contain packs of Lurkers – wolf-like creatures that are sensitive to any type of sound, no mater how small.

Attempting to sneak by a large pack of Lurkers usually proves to be unsuccessful. And since ammo is a precious (and scarce) commodity in the world of Metro, there are times when conserving ammo isn’t an option, especially during the game’s more challenging moments. The objective is to sneak past most creatures, but again — it’s not always possible.

Combat is primarily the same for both Metro titles, as you battle the Soviets, the Fourth Reich and surface-dwelling Mutants in traditional FPS fashion. The game contains an overabundance of makeshift shotguns, machine guns and pistols. Some weapons are more effective than others. For example, the shotgun is capable of inflicting more damage on Lurkers and winged demons, while the automatic machine gun can kill Nosalises and Rat Mutants with ease. Basically, it all boils down to trial and error.

Metro Redux’s rail buggy ridding, scavenger-based gameplay is right at home on Microsoft’s next-gen console system. The improvements made to Metro 2033 are staggering, and worth the price of admission. It’s a shame that Metro: Last Light Redux didn’t receive the same treatment.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Xbox One (Available on XBL)
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
ESRB: M (Mature)
Price: $49.99

Metro Redux’s Official Website

Review Score
Enhanced visuals that take advantage of Xbox One.
Atmospheric music and eerie sound effects.
Combat is full of teeth-gnashing, knuckle-whitening moments.
Due to all the in-game enhancements, Metro Redux is worth the price of admission on next gen consoles.
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