Sniper Elite III (Review) Xbox One

Sniper Elite III (Review) Xbox One
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Rebellion’s tactical/stealth shooter, Sniper Elite III, has finally arrived on next gen consoles, and it’s actually a prequel to last year’s Sniper Elite V2. The game continues the tribulations of OSS Sniper Karl Fairburne, as he fights through North Africa to prevent the Germans from developing a powerful ‘wonder’ weapon. Along the way, Karl will engage the Afrika Korps in a blood-drenched battle to save the Allied forces from annihilation.

Sniper Elite III for Xbox One retains the play mechanics from last year’s release, while also introducing new ones. For starters, the battlefields are much larger and provide an openness that did not exist in V2. The V2 X-Ray kill cam has also received an overhaul. Instead of showing the body’s internal structure when the bullet impacts its victim, the new system shows a broader view of the cardiovascular system and muscular system, as the bullet tears through muscle, organs and bone. It’s a very gruesome display of your victims’ final moments.

The gameplay has been revamped in some areas, but some core elements have remained the same. As you sneak along the parameter of enemy outposts, soldiers will patrol the area either individually or in small groups. The only time they will react to your prescience is when you make a noise (i.e. toss a rock, run, etc)  or decide to make your prescience known. While the AI (Artificial Intelligence) was V2’s Achilles heel, it’s actually one of Sniper Elite III’s strengths.

Enemy soldiers will take cover behind rocks, vehicles and other debris while you’re sniping them. And when you’re sniping an entire group of soldiers, they will disperse and hide in different locations. Some will even retreat to buildings in the distance just to return fire shortly thereafter. But most importantly, they will circle around buildings (to sneak up on you), hide behind corners, and even play a ‘waiting’ game before attacking. They will even take alternate routes in the level to catch  you by surprise. Enemies will sometimes follow you into cleared areas, especially if you’re fleeing from a fight.

The sniper mechanics are just as stable as they were in V2. The exhale function – which is performed by pressing in on the left analog stick – allows for deadly, and very accurate, sniper fire. An eye icon squints or opens to indicate your level of detection, and enemy soldiers have a circle meter over their heads to indicate their alert status. The game will sometimes recommend relocating to a new position if you attract too much attention. When you leave your current location, a ghost image will be left behind, indicating the area where enemy soldiers will search.

As mentioned earlier, the V2 X-Ray kill cam has been revamped to show the entire cardiovascular system and muscular system based on where the bullet enters your enemy. Most head shots are rewarded with up close footage of your enemy’s skull exploding into fragments, as their brain hemorrhages and separates in two from the trauma. The kill cam now also shows your sniper bullet penetrating the engines of moving vehicles. Like killing soldiers, the kill cam puts on an impressive display, as your bullet  generates sparks and small explosions, as it scores its way through the vehicle’s engine block.

The levels expand in size the further you progress through the campaign. For example – the level Halfaya Pass with its rocky underpasses and abandoned buildings is one of the better levels for stealth. Later levels have you traversing through wide open vistas, where rocks and other debris are your only cover from enemy solders. Improvising can be a godsend.

Developer Rebellion deserves a pat on the back for releasing one of the best games in the series. The revamped V2 kill cam, the relocation system, and improved AI compliment a series that has been steadily improving with each release. If you haven’t already, add Sniper Elite III to your gaming library today.

Mike Pittaro
Platform: Xbox One (Also Available on XBL)
Developer: 505 Games
Publisher: 505 Games
ESRB: M (Mature)
Price: $49.99

Sniper Elite III’s Official Website

Review Score
Impressive net-gen graphics that take advantage of the Xbox One's capabilities.
Thanks to the V2 kill cam, we get to hear bones shattering and muscles tearing.
Solid sniping mechanics and precise controls.
Sniper Elite III is the best game in the series, period.
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