Expeditions: Conquistador (Review) PC

Expeditions: Conquistador (Review) PC
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Expeditions: Conquistador is unlike anything currently available on Steam. It offers a colonial, Neopolitan setting that has never been experienced in a strategy game before. It relies heavily on strategy and uses a turn-based system like most games in the genre.  Plus, it includes a robust story that will have you immersed for hours.

Conquistador is absolutely brilliant; its micromanagement system is like no other game. For example – you don’t have to worry about micromanaging your crew members or your supplies. You also don’t have to worry about camping itself, but it does entail a plethora of different options.

When you camp in Conquistador, it’s like ending a turn in a standard strategy game, but you have to worry about feeding, hunting and even crafting. The game essentially gives you control over the finer details of micromanagement. For example – when camping, you have to worry about hunting, patrolling, guarding and even doing trade skills such as herbalistism. Having control over all these features can seem rather overwhelming, but there is no reason to fret. There is a full-length tutorial outlining these features and more.

Conquistador is not only a strategy game, but a trading manager as well. The trading system is lengthy and just as involving as the game itself. The game also incorporates different elements from a handful of different genres to form an epic strategy experience. Usually, when different concepts from varying genres are used, the end result is usually a mediocre product with average gameplay. This is not the case with Expeditions: Conquistador. The game offers an authentic strategy experience with role-playing and trading simulator features.

The combat system is simply fantastic; it’s entirely turn-based. The battles are intense and require the player to plan out even the smallest of details. Battles can be long and fierce or quick and brutal; it all depends on how well you have planned out your attacks.

Different from other strategy games, Conquistador allows you to swap your characters’ weapon types during combat without sacrificing a turn. This gives you a chance to plot your next course of action without losing a turn. Plus, as long as you have movement points, you can either attack or move during the same turn.

For first-time strategy gamers, Conquistador can be rather difficult in the beginning.  Learning to take cover instead of rushing in during combat will give you a tactical advantage. With that said, though – there isn’t much of a learning curve.

Conquistador is extremely versatile; it allows you to choose your own path and communicate with others as you see fit. You can form alliances by being diplomatic or make enemies by causing strife. This is where the game’s longevity comes into play (no pun intended). Every decision you make alters the course of the game, shaping your destiny. This happens to be one of my favorite features. The choices you make define the game world and who you will become.  This feature reminds me of role-playing games such as Knights of the Old Republic where you can shape the game world with your decisions.

Depending on the alliances you form, you can acquire additional characters to join your party. These special characters come with their own skills and talents that can assist you during combat or while camping. Having these additional characters can really be an asset to your campaign, but they are only accessible if you make the right choices.

Conquistador is an extraordinary strategy game; it’s a modern take on traditional turn-based strategy games. It also delivers a refreshing experience while keeping the player involved for hours.

Expeditions: Conquistador offers a unique atmosphere and compelling storyline that cannot be rivaled; it’s a truly captivating experience. This is one strategy game you do not want to miss, whether you’re a strategy gamer or not.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
PC (Available on Steam)

PC System Requirements:

Minimum: Processor: Dual Core 2.6 GHz or AMD64X2 2.6 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT or higher, ATI Radeon X1800 or higher, min. 256 MB VideoRAM, Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: 9.0c

Developer: Logic Artists
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Price: $19.99

Expeditions: Conquistador’s Official Website

Review Score
Some of the most realistic graphics ever seen in a PC strategy game.
Expeditions: Conquistador has a well orchestrated soundtrack; it’s a pleasure to listen to. The only thing that Conquistador is missing is a spoken narrative during the written dialog sequences. Granted, I have no problem reading the in-game dialogue, but having a spoken narrative would have added to the game’s overall atmosphere.
An absolute masterpiece; Conquistador is turn-based strategy at its finest.
A true diamond in the rough; Expeditions: Conquistador is a strategy game that does all the right things by immersing you in a world filled with adventure and intrigue.
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