Train Simulator 2013: Class A4 Pacifics DLC – Now Available on Steam

Train Simulator 2013: Class A4 Pacifics DLC – Now Available on Steam the market-leading innovator of rail simulation and modeling tools, today released a special collection of six historic Class A4 locomotives in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Mallard breaking the world speed record for steam locomotives in July, 1938, and in conjunction with the National Railway Museum’s ‘Great Gathering’ celebration marking the event.

The Gathering add-on for Train Simulator 2013 contains the six preserved Class A4s (Union of South Africa, Dominion of Canada, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sir Nigel Gresley, Bittern and Mallard) in their preserved state and as they will appear at the Great Gathering.

The streamlined Class A4 Pacifics were the flagships of prestigious high-speed passenger steam travel in the UK, running from Londons Kings Cross to Edinburgh, Scotland via York and Newcastle. The National Railway Museum (NRM) in York is uniting the six surviving Class A4 locomotives for a ‘Great Gathering’ public event this July.

After the trains were retired from service in the UK, Dwight D. Eisenhower was shipped to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, whilst Dominion of Canada was donated to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) by British Rail after originally being earmarked for scrap. Since May 1966, it has been preserved by the CRHA at the Canadian Railway Museum at Delson/Saint-Constant, Quebec.

Both locomotives have been temporarily repatriated back to the UK for the Great Gathering and have undergone cosmetic restoration in preparation for the event.

The Class A4 Pacifics collection for Train Simulator 2013 recreates this unique assembly and the locomotives in the liveries as they will be displayed at the event. The Class A4 Pacifics are also Quick Drive compatible, giving players the freedom to drive the locomotives on any Quick Drive-enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam.

The add-on includes unique speed tests scenarios on the London-Brighton route to test your driving skills, as well as British Rail and London & North Eastern Railway tutorials. Many more scenarios are available for free via Steam Workshop.


  • Class A4 Pacific Mallard in London & North Eastern Railway Blue livery
  • Download size: 290MB
  • Speed test scenarios for the London-Brighton route
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • BR Mk1 passenger coaches
  • Class A4 Pacific Dwight D Eisenhower in British Rail Green livery
  • Class A4 Pacific Sir Nigel Gresley in BR Blue livery
  • Class A4 Pacific Union of South Africa in BR Green livery
  • Class A4 Pacific Bittern in LNER Blue livery
  • Class A4 Pacific Dominion of Canada in LNER Blue livery

The Class A4 Pacifics ‘Great Gathering’ add-on is now available for download from Steam.

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