Primeval: New World – Now Available on iTunes

Primeval: New World – Now Available on iTunes

Robots and Pencils, developers of hit games like “Catch The Princess” and “Spy vs Spy,” announced today the debut of “Primeval: New World” on the App Store. “Primeval: New World” features classic platform action paired with huge boss battles against terrifying prehistoric foes.

Based on the hit show of the same name, “Primeval: New World” puts gamers in the shoes of Evan, hunting dinosaurs and other ferocious creatures through the streets. Players wield impressive weapons, capture the famous raptors, dodge the deadly terror bird, and fight the pteranadon, through huge, detailed levels.

“Primeval: New World” Features:

  • Ultra-detailed environments
  • Dozens of weapon upgrades and unlocks
  • Dinosaurs from the hit show including huge boss battles
  • Capture and kill mechanics
  • Hidden secrets and missions
  • Classic platformer gameplay packed with action
  • Universal game: Plays on iPhone 4, 5, iPod Touch, and iPad




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