PS Vita Gamers Still Angry Over Street Fighter X Tekken PROMO DLC

PS Vita Gamers Still Angry Over Street Fighter X Tekken PROMO DLC

Gamers are still angry at Capcom as they continue to wait for the company to repair an on-going problem with its free PROMO DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken. The free content promised to include twelve new characters for Playstation 3 and thirty-eight new costumes for both Sony’s new handheld and PS3 console system. Gamers who purchased Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita received a promo code that could be redeemed via the Playstation Store.

When complaints first began to pour in, Capcom was quick to respond on their Capcom-Unity forums with an update. A fix was promised during last week’s PSN update, but it did not materialize. Gamers returned to Capcom-Unity to vent their frustrations.

Capcom also offered another solution by encouraging gamers to email them at with their PSN account information, PROMO redeem code, and the time the code was redeemed on PSN. Based on the responses posted so far on Capcom-Unity, gamers are still waiting to receive a response from Capcom. In fact, most of the complaints state that emails were sent over 2 weeks ago.

Apparently, there is a ‘known’ bug in Street Fighter X Tekken preventing the DLC from working.  It has been mentioned that Sony will refund your PSN wallet IF you were among the many people who purchased a digital copy of the game, but this still doesn’t resolve the problem for gamers who purchased physical copies. A small percentage of gamers have claimed they were able to download the DLC, but the majority are still experiencing problems.

The situation continues to simmer as gamers wait unabated for an answer from Capcom. When will they see a fix? Only Capcom knows the answer to this.

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