Dogfight 1942 – Now Available on Steam

Dogfight 1942 – Now Available on Steam

City Interactive’s Dogfight 1942 will be available for Steam members today. Dogfight 1942, the exhilarating console-like experience available as a digital download, aims to bring the aerial combat genre to a whole new level. It combines the pick-up-and-play simplicity of an arcade game, the convenience of a digital download, with the depth and production value typically found solely in traditional retail games.

Dogfight 1942 is a fast-paced WWII air combat arcade-style game that features three unique game modes — Dogfight, Survival and Campaign — each offering an abundance of action that is engaging and exciting.  City Interactive seamlessly implemented intuitive controls in order to reduce the need for lengthy tutorials and for gamers of all levels to quickly and easily grab a remote and jump right into the game.  However, while the controls are not overly complicated, gameplay is extremely competitive so that even the most ardent flight game fan will find Dogfight 1942 challenging.

In addition to the Steam release, City Interactive today launched their second DLC installment, Dogfight 1942: Fire Over Africa on Xbox Live Arcade. Fans of the game are presented with the challenge of facing the infamous General Rommel in a clash with his forces above Tobruk. The all-out battle in the sky marks one of the most pivotal aerial skirmishes on the African front – the Battle of El Alamein.

In Fire Over Africa, players will need to become Britain’s top pilot in order to help the Allies repel the Nazi threat before the ominous shadow of the Axis Alliance takes over the sands of Africa. The scorching hot African sky will soon light up with the flames of heavy cannons and fill with the smoke of bullet-ridden fighter planes.

Think you have what it takes to conquer the enemy?  If so, hop in the cockpit and show us what you got!

Dogfight 1942 is out now on XBLA for 1200 Microsoft Points and is on Steam for £11.99




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