War2 Glory: Operation Vengeance Missions – Now Live

War2 Glory: Operation Vengeance Missions – Now Live

Just A Game, a rapidly expanding worldwide publisher of interactive multiplayer games for browser and mobile devices, today announced the launch of the new mission storyline and the launch of an all-new website for their browser-based War Strategy sensation, War2 Glory.  With the launch of the new missions Just A Game is offering new players a valuable and rare prize pack that they can get by visiting www.war2glory.com/vengeance

The Prize Pack for new players joining the Vengeance server includes a slew of mission prizes, including speed ups enabling commanders to raise their army more quickly, with unrivaled power and a Reinforcement: AV (adding 1000 Armored Vehicles to a player’s army), 10 Star Badges, and 2 Technicians to increase building speed.   To experience the new story arc, and to claim your special welcome pack head to Operation Vengeance now!

Named Vengeance, the server commemorates the anniversary of Operation Vengeance, the U.S. led assassination of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy, which demoralized the Axis and began a new wave of Allied action that helped turn the tide of the war in the Pacific.

With a unique story and a variety of new and updated missions, both veterans and new players will be diving straight into the new Operation!   To find out more, prepare for the new story arc, and to claim your special welcome pack head to www.war2glory.com/vengeance

War2 Glory gives its own twist on the events leading up to Vengeance: rumors have begun to surface revealing that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy will be transferring to the Pacific soon, taking command of the Naval forces in the region, and will attempt to boost enemy morale after the recent rout of their forces promoting the evacuation of Guadal Canal.  Your mission, code named “Vengeance”, is to confirm proof of the Admiral’s transfer.  Players should march over to www.war2glory.com/vengeance, preparing to meet some of the most advanced goals in the game, including obtaining an Officer with 120+ Knowledge, destroying over 10,000 bombers, and even discovering and returning with a rare Yamamoto Portrait.

War2 Glory also features a newly re-designed website.  In addition to a graphic update, the new site now offers a news slider and news feed that allows players to quickly browse the latest updates and happenings for the game. In addition, the team has launched a new blog titled “The Blue Text Blog” to offer an even more in-depth behind the scenes look to the War2 Glory community.



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