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  • Rise of Kingdoms – A Look at Cleopatra, Legendary Egyptian Commander

    Posted by on July 21, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    It’s time to honor one of history’s most legendary commanders, heralding from the shifting sands of ancient Egypt: Cleopatra. Featured in Lilith Games’ hugely popular MMOSLG title Rise of Kingdoms, Cleopatra commands both respect and reverence, along with being one of the game’s best resource-gathering commanders. A diplomat, naval commander, polyglot and medical author, Cleopatra retains ... more.
  • Hell Pie Is Fresh Out of The Oven Today, Taking Bad Taste to The Next Level On Consoles & PC

    Posted by on July 21, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Headup and Sluggerfly’s obscene 3D platformer, Hell Pie, is available today on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, priced at €/$24.99 | £19.99, while the Nintendo Switch version will be launching in the next few weeks. This old-school-inspired 3D platformer takes bad taste to the next level in an adventure full of insane environments, repugnant characters and fun grapple-based platfo... more.
  • Delete After Reading – Designing the Mechanics and the Characters

    Posted by on July 16, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    After a successful Steam Next Fest, Patrones & Escondites has been sharing bits and pieces of information about their next project "Delete After Reading" on Steam. On their latest dev diaries, players can take a look at how the game has been designed. The studio behind the critically acclaimed Unmemory wanted to create a more accessible title, with simpler puzzles and a shorter story. ... more.
  • Vengeful Heart (Review) Nintendo Switch

    Posted by on July 12, 2022 under Euro, Featured Review 1, News, Reviews, Switch
    It's not often that I get to play a different kind of game (let alone getting to play period, buuuut that's a whole different epic boss fight of a story for another time…), but when I was asked if I wanted to play a novel, y'all can only imagine my curiosity. In all of my years of saving worlds, rescuing princesses, and winning championships, I had never come across – much less heard of – a ... more.
  • Police Simulator Patrol Officers Traffic Management Update Trailer

    Posted by on July 12, 2022 under Euro, News, PC
    Aesir Interactive and astragon Entertainment are expanding their popular working simulation game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers with the sixth update since the start of the early access phase in June 2021 today: The aptly named Traffic Management update offers players various new options for traffic control. Update will be available on steam tomorrow, Wednesday July 13, at 10am ET. With new ... more.
  • XEL Available Now on PC; Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 14

    Posted by on July 12, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Switch
    Break Out of the Confines of Space and Time in XEL, an Adventure Available Now on PC; Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 14 The Wait is Over! Jump Through Spacetime and Discover the Secrets Awaiting in the Mysterious, Lush World of XEL  Wiesbaden, Germany (July 12, 2022) - Today, award-winning indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar are thrilled to announce the lau... more.
  • Cursed to Golf Tees Off On August 18th For PlayStation, Xbox, Switch & PC

    Posted by on July 7, 2022 under Euro, News, PC, Playstation 5, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Thunderful and Chuhai Labs are thrilled to announce that their heavily anticipated ‘Golf-Like’, Cursed to Golf, will be teeing off on August 18th. In addition to the previously announced PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions, Cursed to Golf will also arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on the same day. Featuring on multiple “most anticipated lists” for 2022, incl... more.
  • Stellaris: Console Edition Adds Aquatics Species Pack on August 25

    Posted by on June 30, 2022 under Euro, News, Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
    Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of immersive games, today announced that the Aquatics Species Pack will release for Stellaris: Console Edition on August 25, 2022. Included in the Fifth Expansion Pass for Stellaris: Console Edition alongside the Nemesis expansion and, in the near future, the Overlord expansion, Aquatics will be available this summer for players on Xbox and PlayStatio... more.
  • Return to Monkey Island Gameplay Trailer Plunders Nintendo Direct

    Posted by on June 28, 2022 under Euro, News, Switch
    Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games dropped anchor during today’s Nintendo Direct showcase, revealing a treasure chest of Return to Monkey Island gameplay upon scurvy landlubbers watching at home. The tangled history of Monkey Island’s most famous secret leads Guybrush Threepwood - intrepid hero, leather jacket salesman, mighty pirate - to embark on a new swash-b... more.
  • Disgaea 6 Complete is Here

    Posted by on June 28, 2022 under Euro, News, Playstation 5, PS4
    Join Zed, a boastful zombie who wallows on the lowest rung of the Netherworld ladder, alongside his sister Bieko on their zany adventure! When a God of Destruction threatens their way of (un)life, Zed must harness his unique ability of Super Reincarnation to stand against the approaching menace! Watch the launch trailer and check out the official website for to learn about the cast of... more.
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