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  • Persona 5 – Ann Takamaki Trailer

    Posted by on October 27, 2016 under Euro, News, PS3, PS4
    Being the center of school gossip is a quick way to make anyone feel like an outcast, and Persona 5's Ann Takamaki gets the full brunt of that. Ann is a beautiful girl plagued by unjust rumors from her peers on a daily basis. But despite the Scarlett Letter treatment, Ann cares deeply about her friends...which is why she's so eager to pick up the mask and join the Phantom Thieves. Well, that an... more.
  • Persona 5: SteelBook Launch Edition -“Gets a New Identity”

    Posted by on September 21, 2016 under Euro, News, PS3, PS4
    While the five agonizing months to wait until the English release of Persona 5 are currently testing all of us (especially after the stellar reception Japan's release got), we have some exciting news. We've pulled the mask of the announcement cover design off the Persona 5 SteelBook Launch Edition to reveal its true inner self -- the amazing group portrait of the P5 cast! Even better, the... more.