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  • Naval War: Arctic Circle – Developer Diary #1

    Posted by on January 13, 2012 under Euro, News, PC
    The first video developer diary for Turbo Tape Games' upcoming wargame Naval War: Arctic Circle is now online! The development team shares their vision of a seamless ocean span where modern warships battle for control of precious natural resources. In the near future, civilization is still reliant on petroleum, but the easily accessible land-based oil reserves are dwindling rapidly. The n... more.
  • Victoria II: A House Divided – Interview & Developer Diary

    Posted by on January 12, 2012 under News, PC
    Paradox Interactive have today released an in-depth video developer diary along with a video interview for the first expansion of their internally developed Grand Strategy title Victoria II, "A House Divided", set to release on January 24th. Narrated by the game’s Executive Producer Johan Andersson, the developer diary gives an insight in how revolutions and political movements now work ... more.
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Closed Beta Announced

    Posted by on December 7, 2011 under Euro, News, PC
    Paradox Interactive and developer Ino-Co Plus today announced a closed beta for Warlock: Master of the Arcane, an innovative turn-based strategy game scheduled for Q2 2012 that pits players as powerful, empire-building mages as they war for dominance. To celebrate, 20 new screenshots has magically appeared! Set in the Majesty series’ fantastical world of Ardania, players have to manage c... more.
  • Mount & Blade: Warband Tutorials Released

    Posted by on April 13, 2010 under Euro, PC
    Paradox Interactive, developers of the best strategy titles available today, have just released a set of tutorial videos for Mount & Blade: Warband. While these videos give looks at the features that set Warband apart from similar titles, they also walk players through Calradia then off to the advanced tactics needed to be a force to be reckoned with on the battle field in multiplayer mode. ... more.
  • Paradox Interactive Rewarding Fans for Loyalty (Press Release)

    Posted by on March 31, 2010 under News, PC
    Paradox Interactive Celebrates 200,000th Forum Member with Lifetime Supply of Paradox PC Titles NEW YORK – March 31, 2010 – To celebrate the milestone achievement of reaching 200,000 forum members, Paradox Interactive today awarded user “simonwoof” with a lifetime supply of Paradox PC titles. As the first member past the 200,000 mark to join the loyal Paradox fan community, “simon... more.
  • Arsenal of Democracy Now Available

    Posted by on February 23, 2010 under PC
    Arsenal of Democracy by Paradox Interactive is now avaialable for purchase from major digital distribution networks (links below). AoD is a new World War II strategy game developed by BL-Logic and focuses on historical accuracy, depth and realism. Improvements have been made to enhance the original Hearts of Iron II gameplay experience that was as the basis of AoD. Rewrite history at the helm... more.
  • Iceberg Interactive Sale

    Posted by on January 8, 2010 under PC
    Iceberg Interactive has dropped prices up to 35% off of their normal prices in their webstore.  Don't let this deal pass you buy, get great games such as Dark Fall: Lost Souls for €25.99 (review right here at PPG coming soon) while you can. Adam´s Venture (PC CDROM) €15.99 (20% savings) Dark Fall: Lost Souls (PC DVD) €25.99 (13% savings) Syberia Collection (Adventure Classics) (PC... more.
  • Europa Universallis III: Heir to the Throne Now Available

    Posted by on December 16, 2009 under PC
    Paradox Interactive, creators of such great games as East India Company, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Elven Legacy have just released Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne for PC (for those unsure, grab the demo). Europa Universalis III is a historical strategy game set in the Age of Discovery (1492 to 1550) and pits players against the world leading their choice of 8 European... more.
  • Elven Legacy: Magic Threatened by Darkness, Can You Stop It?

    Posted by on December 3, 2009 under PC
    Paradox Interactive has released screens of the final game in the Elven Legacy Trilogy with Darkness, which requires the original Elvan Legacy game to play.  Can you stop the demonic magical energy that is threatening the world?  Sylent is the latest city to be attacked by this evil plague and it is up to you to stop it from advancing to the rest of the known world before it is too late. Alfr... more.
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