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  • Skullgirls – Trailer & Screenshots

    Posted by on April 5, 2011 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    Get ready for the future of online play in console fighting games: Skullgirls is kicking slow connections to the curb! The highly anticipated 2D fighting game from Autumn Games and Reverge Labs will incorporate GroundStorm Studios' Good Game, Peace Out proprietary networking technology to enhance the game's online fighting experience. Designed specifically to enable fast-action games online, G... more.
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3: Jill and Shuma Gorath videos

    Posted by on March 8, 2011 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    Check out the latest characters coming to Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as DLC. Jill - Video Shuma-Gorath - Video ... more.
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift – In Stores now

    Posted by on July 29, 2010 under News, PS3, Xbox 360
    BlazBlue Continuum Shift hits stores all over the states today, so be sure to keep an eye for this hot new summer fighter. Because the weather outside isn't the only thing that is hot. BlazBlue Continuum Key Features: New Modes featuring Beginner Mode, Tutorial Mode and Challenge Mode! Beginner Mode encourages a wider audience with an easier control scheme, anyone can jump right into... more.
  • IMO: The World of Magic hits iPhone/iPod Touch

    Posted by on April 15, 2010 under Portables
    The first MMORPG for iPhone/iPod Touch has arrived in IMO: The World of Magic. IMO is an RPG that blends with the social networking interests of current gamers to create an unique and interesting game. Available character classes include the standby's Fighter, Ranger and Wizard (the basics are covered, do you really need anything else?) and you can choose where your character hails from, Lanos K... more.
  • Wings of Prey Signed by Iceberg Interactive for Release

    Posted by on March 26, 2010 under Euro, News, PC
    Iceberg Interactive have been expanding their game catalog strategically with a lot of great games coming out through them and today is no exception with the announcement that they just signed a publishing deal for Wings of Prey. This publishing deal is for a full boxed retail release in the UK,Germany, France, Scandinavia and Benelux. WoP is developed by Gaijin Entertainment and is based on the... more.