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  • Bass Pro Shops: The Strike™ is now Available at Retailers

    Posted by on October 6, 2009 under PC, WII, Xbox 360
    Bass Pro Shops, the #1 outdoors retailer in America has teamed up with Psyclone, XS Games to release Bass Pro Shops: The Strike on Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC. (more…)... more.
  • Yoga for Nintendo Wii Coming in November

    Posted by on October 5, 2009 under WII
    If you are not into new age life change then please just continue on to something else we have on offer here at Pixel Perfect Gaming (may I suggest Fatal Fury Special or Crazy Taxi?).  If you are into new age life change activities then please, by all means, check out Yoga for Nintendo Wii coming from JoWood coming in early November. (more…)... more.
  • New Nintendo Downloads for October 5th, 2009 (Get Ready for the Final Word War!)

    Posted by on October 5, 2009 under Portables, WII
    Today we see the release of the original NES version of Final Fantasy on Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, Word Searcher for Nintendo WiiWare and Thorium Wars for Nintendo DSiWare.  If you are a Final Fantasy fan then you probably are interested in that VC release (though be warned, there are no cinematics and other flashy things you are used to from newer FF games). Here is more information for e... more.
  • Big Kahuna Party by Reflexive Entertainment (Wiiware Review)

    Posted by on October 3, 2009 under WII
    Love puzzle games?  Getting lost in your game?  Try Big Kahuna Party by Reflexive Entertainment for Wii on Wiiware (700 points), rated E for everyone.  This game is highly addicting, you will find yourself trying to beat just one more level before you stop (you said that 10 levels ago). i With simple controls of flipping two items side by side or up and down you match thr... more.
  • A Boy and his Blob Gameplay Video

    Posted by on October 2, 2009 under News, WII
    Majesco is set to release their re-imagining of sorts for A Boy and his Blob on Nintendo Wii come October 13th.  We here at Pixel Perfect Gaming are no strangers to the the great game that this is based on that was released oh so many years ago on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  This is one of those games that you know is going to be great, it has to be and will be. Majesco is going all o... more.
  • Tomy Reveals New Characters and Moves for Naruto Wii Game (Press Release)

    Posted by on October 2, 2009 under WII
    TOMY CORPORATION REVEALS NEW CHARACTERS UNLEASHING SIGNATURE JUTSU MOVES IN UPCOMING Wii FIGHTING GAME NARUTO™ SHIPPUDEN: CLASH OF NINJA® REVOLUTION 3 TOMY Corporation today released all-new gameplay footage revealing the four latest characters activating their special jutsu moves in the highly anticipated Wii fighting game NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. The never-before-see... more.
  • Data East Arcade Classics coming to Wii Early Next Year (Press Release)

    Posted by on October 1, 2009 under WII
    MAJESCO ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES 'DATA EAST ARCADE CLASSICS' FOR Wii™ Collection Includes 15 All-Time Favorite Video Games at an Amazing Value EDISON, N.J., October 1, 2009 - Relive the glory days of video games without the pocketful of quarters as Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced Data East Arcade Classi... more.

    Posted by on September 29, 2009 under WII
    ... more.
  • Drift Mania Now Available for WiiWare (Press Release With Pics)

    Posted by on September 29, 2009 under WII
    DRIIFT MANIA NOW AVAILABLE FOR NINTENDO WIIWARE™ Konami's Exciting New Top-Down Racer Speeds Its Way to the Nintendo Wii™ El Segundo, Calif. - Sept. 28, 2009 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that DRiiFT Mania is now available exclusively for Nintendo WiiWare™. Providing a fast-paced, multiplayer racing experience for Wii™ fans and racing enthusiasts alike, player... more.
  • Geon Cube Coming to Wii in October (Press Release with pics)

    Posted by on September 29, 2009 under WII
    We here at Pixel Perfect Gaming are proud to bring the first bit of news about Geon Cube for the Nintendo Wii.  This is the first piece of a lot of coming coverage from us and our media partners Gamer Network Radio who will be covering GC soon (don't worry, we will alert you, our great readers, when the coverage is ready). (more…)... more.
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