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  • Addictive Games on Mobile Phones Over the Last 20 Years

    Posted by on December 1, 2016 under Euro, News, Portables
    The mobile game industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. So much growth has occurred that mobile phones have become the top devices used for gaming even surpassing traditional gaming consoles. Thousands and thousands of mobile phone users use their devices to play games like Dadu online because it's so easy to play whilst on the move and it means they can play any time of the da... more.
  • Top 5 free gaming apps for IOS

    Posted by on November 4, 2016 under Euro, News, Portables
    If you are an iPad or iPhone user, you know that many free gaming apps available for IOS get released every week. This can make it a difficult task to sift through all of them and see which games are fun to play and make well. Bob for you! Here are the top 5 free gaming apps for IOS. ... more.
  • Exploring the Addictive Nature of Video Games

    Posted by on August 25, 2016 under Euro, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One
    Exploring the Addictive Nature of Video Games Many a serious gamer will attest to the fact that when you’re in the game, nothing else matters. In fact, players have been known to play with such intensity that they have died mid-game. Albeit this phenomenon is rare, it does exist. So, what is it about video games that has us so hooked? Video games have become so immersive, that many are now... more.
  • When Freemium Games Aren’t Annoying

    Posted by on July 11, 2016 under Euro, News
    Freemium games-those that are free to access, but offer in-app purchases that can enhance the experience-generally get a bad rap. A few years ago when they were really starting to become popular, one article circulated and stated that they were ruining the app store. And when the freemium model is applied to specific games that generate a lot of attention, it's often mentioned as a negative in rev... more.
  • 5 Free Online Games For “Real” Gamers

    Posted by on June 29, 2016 under Euro, News
    There's a glut of games on the internet, and most of them are meant for casual players. If you're looking for something a bit more in-depth than what you'd find in Redflush casino games, you'll want to stick to games that are made for real gamers. These games might be free, but they've got everything necessary to keep you playing for weeks and months to come. These games run the gamut from the ult... more.
  • Alien Breed: Impact (Review) PC

    Posted by on July 18, 2010 under Euro, PC, Reviews
    What does a spaceship accident, alien creatures, and running around collecting keycards and unlocking doors all have in common? Think Team 17’s latest game, Alien Breed: Impact for PC. After your spaceship crashes into a drifting space hull, your mission is to investigate the floating hulk for any survivors and, well, to collect keycards and unlock doors. The majority of AB:I is spent doing j... more.
  • The 12th Annual International Classic Video Game Tournament at Funspot

    Posted by on June 4, 2010 under Uncategorized
    Funspot, The World’s largest Arcade, is a mecca for retro gamers. Their Classic Video Game Museum is filled with coin-ops from just about every era, and they’re fully functional for the public to enjoy. June 3rd marked the beginning of their 12th Annual International Classic Video Game Tournament. Gamers from wide and abroad are participating to prove they are the very best. The tournamen... more.

    Posted by on May 21, 2010 under News
    Right off the press: Fans to Get Opportunity to Meet the Famed Creator and be Among the First to Get a Copy of his Latest Masterpiece - METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER i Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced that the legendary Hideo Kojima - the creator of the METAL GEAR SOLID, will be making two stops in North America as part of his world tour on behalf of the franchise's latest re... more.