Undungeon is now available on PS4 & Switch

Undungeon is now available on PS4 & Switch

Undungeon, an interdimensional time-hopping action RPG by developer Laughing Machines and publisher tinyBuild, saves the multiverse on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 today.

Time and space have fractured, leading to The Shift–an entanglement of dimensions and direct result of seven versions of Earth colliding together. As existence starts slowly fading away, The God of the Void creates the Herald, a messenger-warrior to enforce the god’s will in the mortal world, stop The Shift, and restore the universe to its right form.

Travel the fused lands as they perish, talking to the various remaining life forms to discover what caused the tragic event. Fight off enemies from different universes using unique weapons, items, and skills in search of answers. Swap out equipment for different ways to approach battle, use different consumables along the way to recharge stamina, health, or to provide a much needed buff during combat.

Customize the Herald’s body from the inside out, upgrading organs such as skin, liver, spleen, and eyes for powerful stat boosts. Gather priceless resources to increase skills and create an almighty armor. Combine organs, gear, and the Herald’s core to stay one step ahead of unsettling threats, using melee and ranged attacks in intense real-time battles.

Step into the stunning pixel-art world of Undungeon, filled with scenic landscapes and bright, vivid astral projections. Scour terrains to experience all details and contrasting color aesthetics making up the dozens of different life forms across the seven Earths.

“More than a video game, Undungeon is a powerful story of perseverance against all odds,” said Maxim Vlad, Lead Game Designer Laughing Machines. “It’s an honor to expand its bright universe to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4–we can only hope the new players experiencing the Herald’s journey to save the world have as much fun as we did creating it!”

Save the Multiverse Trailer:

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