Battle Axe & Undernauts Coming to PlayStation 5

Battle Axe & Undernauts Coming to PlayStation 5

Independent video games publisher Numskull Games’ is excited to announce more games from its catalogue are making their way to PlayStation 5.

First up Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi lands on PS5 this week, with physical edition releasing on Friday 16th September 2022 and digital edition releasing on Saturday 17th September 2022.

Secondly, Battle Axe is getting a new platform specific special edition, digital release and a number of rebalances and minor updates from its original launch. It is scheduled to release in Q4 2022.

Battle Axe embarks on a PS5 Adventure with a brand new physical Special Edition. Experience the game on PS5 for the first time, with challenging arcade hack n’ slash gameplay by Bitmap Bureau (XenoCrisis, Final Vendetta) and jaw dropping pixel art by industry legend Henk Nieborg.

  • ●EXCLUSIVE PS5 SPECIAL EDITION: Includes the Base Game, Soundtrack CD by Manami Matsumae and an exclusive game sleeve displaying the games lead villain Etheldred.
  • ●UPDATES: Hot off the heels of the release of Final Vendetta. Bitmap Bureau have been able to revisit the game to deliver a number of quality of life improvements, including:
    • New Casual Difficulty Mode (with unlimited continues.)
    • New Strafing mechanic. Move whilst you use your ranged ability!
    • Improved CRT shader.
    • Other game re-balances.
    • These updates will also be coming to previous versions of the game in future patches.
  • The physical release of Battle Axe – Special Edition will be available for PlayStation  5 later this year in Europe, priced at £39.99 / €49.99. US release also planned for the future, follow us for more details.

Undernauts: Labrynth of Yomi is a Dungeon Crawling RPG set in Tokyo 1979. A huge mysterious structure suddenly rises from the ground and the government send in a team to investigate. Players control an elite group of explorers sent to investigate the labyrinth where people have gone missing. Originally released in 2021 to critical acclaim, Numskull Games is thrilled to bring this title to PS5™ in Europe.

  • Dive through many dungeon levels and move through a grid system to find the correct path to proceed.
  • Players create a party of 6 in order to fight battles and level up while proceeding through the game’s storyline.
  • Use the “Switch Boost” system to defeat hordes of monsters and create magical doors, ladders, and bridges to escape.
  • Make use of powerful skills and magic items to reach the surface alive.
  • Undernauts Labyrinth of Yomi is available for PlayStation  5, priced at £44.99 / €49.99. Releases physically on 16th September 2022 and digitally shortly after.
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