Final Vendetta – Updates, Combo Contest & More

Final Vendetta – Updates, Combo Contest & More

Today, just under two months on from its release date, Numskull Games announces a brand-new contest for the Final Vendetta community. The Final Vendetta Combo Contest! The contest will feature plenty of runners up prizes (signed posters, physical game editions & other extra goodies) but the grand prize and 1st place winner will receive a Duke Sancho Statue!

The rules are simple…

  • Load up Training Mode.
  • Pick a Character. Fight Big Frank.
  • Get Juggling, and start working on building those combos.
  • Submit a video of your combo to in order to enter by the end of August!

If you have any other video clips from other game modes to send in too, go ahead. The rules largely relate to the Duke Sancho Statue prize. Best of luck!

Announcement Trailer:



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