Ember Knights must stop the Rise of Praxis, a Major Update Available Now

Ember Knights must stop the Rise of Praxis, a Major Update Available Now

Asmodee Digital and Doom Turtle have announced today that a new update is available for Ember Knights. Called the “Rise of Praxis”, this major update will enhance the rogue-lite adventure: for the first time Praxis will face the players and bring an elevated challenge to the runs by spawning and buffing enemies. The update also introduces a new weapon, the ‘Rift Hammer’, a new room type, the ‘Offering Pit’, and some quality-of-life improvements as well as bug fixing and balancing.

In this update, Praxis’ influence over the Nexus and the Prime Worlds grows stronger and the Ember Knights are the only chance at stopping the Mad Sorcerer. To defend themselves, players will be able to unlock the Rift Hammer, a devastating close combat weapon with a distinctive charge mechanic. The Rift Hammer can unleash a catastrophic AOE attack. This fourth weapon will bring even more combinations and synergies to the player, allowing them to explore new strategies in solo and co-op to defeat Praxis’ hordes.
In addition to some quality-of-life improvements, balancing and bug fixing, this update also introduces the Offering Pit, an exciting new room where players must test their luck and receive rewards or something much worse. They can also discover new colourful secrets hidden within the Prime Worlds.

Featuring a retro pixel-art universe, Ember Knights will immerge players into a fiery 16-bit adventure. Legendary warriors can fight their way through the levels solo or in co-op up to four players, defeating hordes of enemies. The game offers hack’n’slash combat in which players will have to master timed attacks to make the best of the skills available to defeat all enemies. With dozens of different skills, weapons and relics to choose from, players can create hundreds of combat combinations to customize their playstyle.
With this second content update for Ember Knights, Asmodee Digital and Doom Turtle confirm their commitment to support the game throughout the Early Access period. Smaller content updates are planned during the summer and will introduce new gameplay mechanics as well as working on features requested by the community. The team is already working on the next major content update, expected for late summer. This next update will bring to the game a fourth biome with its own set of enemies and bosses.  
The Early Access of Ember Knights is available on Steam (PC). Players can buy the game for 14.99€/$14.99/£11.39.
From June 23rd until July 7th, players can enjoy a 20% discount when buying the game during the Steam Summer Sale.
While the game supports keyboard and mouse controls, using a controller is recommended for the ultimate gaming experience. Ember Knights is playable in solo and online & local co-op for up to four players.


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