Alchemy Stars: Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life Event Starts Today

Alchemy Stars: Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life Event Starts Today

Grab your favorite teapot and mug, find a cozy spot and get ready for a relaxing special Alchemy Stars event — happening right now! Starting today, the “Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life” event invites navigators to log in for special daily rewards, participate in fun two-stage event quests, get fantastic event-exclusive items, recruit new Aurorians, and more! There’s plenty to do during the event, so slow down, relax, and take the time to discover all it has to offer!

Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life Event Activities
The event contains two parts for players to complete: “Afternoon Tea Party” and “Teatime Pleasantries.” Clearing the event stages will net players helpful items, including access to two new Aurorions, Lumamber, and Special Star Flare.
Navigators will also receive Anderson Association Tickets that can be redeemed in the limited-time event store for exclusive rewards, including 5-Star Aurorian United Kit 2, Special Star Flare, limited-edition furniture and Cloud Gardens furniture, Legendary Aurorian Breakthrough materials, and tons of Aurorian upgrade materials. The events run from June 23 through July 11, while the Anderson Association store remains open until July 14.

Cloud Gardens: Detailed Investigation Makes a Grand Return
Back by popular demand, the Detailed Investigation makes its way back to Cloud Gardens! Speaking to Chubb inside Cloud Gardens will give navigators access to a puzzling treasure hunt. At the beginning of the hunt, players will be given a Special Signal and Normal Signal, and have the opportunity to gain more as they play. Finding the treasure within the time limit will allow them to exchange the Signals for prizes such as Lumamber, Nightium, Anonymous Gift I, and Jasper. The Detailed Investigation runs from July 5 through July 14.
Login Daily to Receive Amazing Rewards!

From June 23 through July 11, Navigators can log in daily for eight days to receive amazing prizes including:

  • Andersen Association Ticket x500, General Jasper II ×5 (Log in for one day)
  • Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000 (Log in for two days)
  • Andersen Association Ticket ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1 (Log in for three days)
  • Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3 (Log in for four days)
  • Andersen Association Ticket x 1,000, Nightium ×10,000 (Log in for five days)
  • Vintage Wine ×5, Recharger Pack ×2 (Log in for six days)
  • Andersen Association Ticket x2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4 (Log in for seven days)
  • Lumamber ×500, Avatar: Nina’s Afternoon Tea (Log in for eight days) 

But that’s not all! Throughout the event, players will be able to obtain exclusive event rewards including the Cloud Gardens Table Cloth and Cone Single Tent furniture items, and other furniture items including Stump Stool, and Sky Rug.
New Aurorians: Nina and Sanae and Other Recruitment Updates
From June 23 through July 14, Navigators will have an increased chance of recruiting two new Aurorians added to the roster — Nina and Sanae! Recruiting a 6-Star Aurorian will give players a 50% chance of adding Nina to their party, while recruiting a 5-Star Aurorian will give them a 25% chance of recruiting Sanae.
As well, from June 30 until July 14, select Umbraton Aurorians have an increased recruitment chance when players use Star Flair to recruit. The limited-time Umbraton Recommended Recruitment: Umbraton Aid event will allow for an increased chase of recruiting 6-Star Aurorians each time players make a recruitment attempt until an Aurorian of


  • 6-Star Aurorians: Sariel, Bethel, Connolly, Smokey, and Luke
  • 5-Star Aurorians: Corax, Hydrad, Kleken, Dayna, Cuscuta, Areia, Robyn, Taki, Istvan, and Leona
  • 4-Star Aurorians: Jane, Tessa, Hachi & Gin, and Patty & Patsy
  • 3-Star Aurorian: Seleucid 

And finally, Barton: Deft Blades will be added to the Mainstay Recruitment.

Special Event Book VIII Stage 2 — Available Today!
Starting today, quests from the second stage of the Special Events Book VIII will become available to Navigators. Following the pages will guide them to complete event quests and unlock exclusive rewards.
Tons of New Store Items
From new outfits, including 6-Star Aurorian Fleur: Nostalgic Breed, 6-Star Aurorian Raphael: At your Service, returning outfits, including 6-Star Aurorian Sinsa: Wasteland Ronin, 6-Star Aurorian Wrath: Silky Warrior, and 5-Star Aurorian Vice: Sakura Memories, to limited time gift packs, the store has some amazing items up for grabs starting today!
Event Rewards for Everyone!
As a special event bonus, Navigators that participate in the “Trees, Fish, and a Slow Life” event will receive 120 Prism and two Carriers for every day (up to five days) they log in! Additionally, as a special gift to celebrate the newly added Cloud Gardens gameplay, Navigators will receive a special gift of Dilutent, Fortified Pheromone, Square floor Tiles, and Pebble Floor tiles!

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