Bilbao International Games Conference will be focused as an Industry & Professional Event

Bilbao International Games Conference will be focused as an Industry & Professional Event

The Fun & Serious Game Festival just announced its rebranding as the Bilbao International Games Conference, a 100% physical event that will be held in Bilbao from November 18th-19th, 2022. Eleven years after its debut, the event will now be focused and addressed to industry professionals.

The BIG Conf will focus on a trend that started a few years back. While the main focus will be on video games industry professionals, the event will feature a mix of industry insights, business and also a meeting point for the whole Spanish independent scene. The BIG Conf will be focused around the indie developers conference as well as its business and networking forum, a place that has welcomed more than 30 global publishers and investors. This is the main but not the only attraction: the BIG Conf aims to deliver a more ambitious program that will be revealed during the following weeks and months.

“The event has grown over more than a decade but has also switched its nature”, explains Alfonso Gómez, founder and COO of the BIG Conf. “Rebranding the event allows us to reflect the new spirit we’ve been pursuing during these last few years; it’s a platform to communicate and partner on a global scale that helps promote the industry allowing the flow of wealth as well as employees to thrive. We also wanted to highlight the role that the city of Bilbao plays, always supporting innovation and the creative industry”.

“Helping to promote the local industry has always been one of our main goals”, said Antonio Santo, Director of the BIG Conf. “We want this year’s attendees to leave Bilbao with enough expertise and contacts that will empower them in their way to success while developing their games. We also want Bilbao to be a meeting point not only for the Spanish industry but for European developers as well”.

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