Autobahn Police Simulator 3 Hits the Road Soon — Prepare to Patrol the Fastest Highway in the World

Autobahn Police Simulator 3 Hits the Road Soon — Prepare to Patrol the Fastest Highway in the World

Open road. Unrestricted speeds. A lot can go wrong. That’s where you come in.
Autobahn Police Simulator 3 arrives on the scene on June 23, 2022, and a rookie like yourself is going to need training before taking on Germany’s famous fastest highway system. Just because there’s no speed limit, doesn’t mean there aren’t other traffic violations and crimes! Here are some tips to prepare you for the Autobahn.
Be patient and diligent. While you won’t be chasing down speeders on most stretches of the Autobahn, there are several other things that will need your attention. Your duties while on patrol include responding to nearby accidents, organizing police blockades, conducting traffic checks, and more. Rushing any of these tasks will surely lead to trouble, so take your time, turn on your Warnblinkanlage and be thorough.

Keep your head on a swivel. Driving at such high speeds, it’s easy to miss things, like a reckless driver or even a gas station robbery in progress. You must make sure to keep your eyes open, and pay attention to everything that’s happening on the Autobahn. And watch out for wayward cows. They fear no one.

In Autobahn Police Simulator 3, you’ll take on the role of a rookie police officer returning to work after a street racing incident left you out of commision. You must jump behind the wheel once more, to prove themself to the higher-ups in the police department and keep the peace! Take on a variety of operations and unique missions to establish security on the streets, move up the ranks in the force, and unlock more demanding missions, new skills, and new equipment and vehicles.

Key Features of Autobahn Police Simulator 3 include:

  • Life is (More Than) a Highway: Patrol an open world containing cities, industrial sites, mountains, the seaside and more! The diverse set of activities and locations to explore offer a long-term varied gameplay experience that goes beyond a mere simulation.
  • Grand Theft Autobahn: The life of a German highway patrol officer is full of variety, including responding to accidents, conducting traffic checks, keeping the streets clean, and even preventing gas station robberies and chasing down perps in a trusty squad car!
  • Polizei Academy: Rise through the ranks to fill out the tech tree and master new skills, including shooting and sneaking. Progressing further into the game will also unlock new types of police cars.

Autobahn Police Simulator 3 will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on June 23, 2022.

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