DreadXP Launches the Latest Entry in its Flagship Anthology Horror Series on PC

DreadXP Launches the Latest Entry in its Flagship Anthology Horror Series on PC

Based on the theme of “entertainment”, Dread X Collection 5 invites players to a devilish party that is literally to die for! Players must explore terrifying locales like haunted nightclubs, dark carnivals, haunted puppet shows, the country Finland in the year 1888, a karaoke bar toilet, and so much more! 

Each included game in the collection features unique gameplay mechanics and art style, and is accessible from within Dread X Collection 5’’s hub world called Outpost 3000 — an alien-themed party venue that houses something truly sinister. Dread X Collection 5 also further expands the meta-narrative that ties the Dread X Collection games together. 

“We’re so excited to launch the fifth entry of the Dread X Collection series following a year of fans anxiously awaiting its arrival,” said Abbey “Scruncho” Smith, assistant producer at DreadXP. “The series’ much-anticipated return is a true celebration — a party, if you will — that’s quite literally out of this world. Its hosts, our legion of dreadful indie devs, have some frightening festivities in store!”

Dread X Collection 5 Key Features:

  • Variety Screamer: With twelve chilling horror shorts wholly unique from one another, there’s something for everyone in Dread X Collection 5. From first and third-person shooters, puzzles, text-based adventures, arcade-style games, to tabletops
  • Dread Head: DreadXP regular Michaela Laws, who voiced Ln’eta in the hit Lovecraftian dating sim Sucker for Love, co-stars along with Jans Holstrom as Dread X Collection 5’s mysterious (and monstrous) antagonist
  • Putrid Panels: An unfolding narrative told through comic book-style illustrations, featuring the returning talents of independent horror artist October Keegan, who contributed unlockable comic pages to Dread X Collection 2

Official Launch Trailer:

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