Stunlock Studio Devs Share the Secret of V Blood

Stunlock Studio Devs Share the Secret of V Blood

Stunlock Studios today have published their latest Dev Update discussing one of V Rising’s exciting new features and its origins. V Blood is crucial to a vampire’s survival and is found flowing through the veins of some of the most powerful beings in the game. It comes down to natural selection: “In order to be the fittest, you must feed off of the fittest”. Learn more about the importance of V Blood and how it relates to the lasting legacy of the big guy himself, Dracula, in this Dev Update that’s soaked with new info.

For Art Director Johan Wahlbäck, V Blood’s importance in the game is demonstrated by how the art team went about designing and implementing the visual style of V Blood units:

“Our V Blood units are the seasoning that breaks up familiar flavors and adds a unique twist to the experience. They stand out and make the player prove that they understand how to survive and conquer in an unforgiving world.”

More on V Rising
V Rising is an open-world vampire survival game. Awaken as a weakened vampire from centuries of slumber and survive a world full of peril. As a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength and quench your thirst. Build and customize your castle, invite friends to join your clan, and convert humans to servants to grow your empire. Engage in real-time combat and compete for world domination with PvP and PvE challenges. Will you become the next Dracula?

The Devs Share the Secret of V Rising: Click Here

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