Diplomacy is Not an Option Launch Postponed to 9th February 2022

Diplomacy is Not an Option Launch Postponed to 9th February 2022

Scouts have retrieved new intel. The peasant hordes will be invading at a later date. Be ready.
Good Morrow to thee subjects. Today, developers Door 407 have announced that Diplomacy is Not an Option – their upcoming tower defense/city builder PC game – will now launch in Steam’s Early Access on February 9, 2022.
We know how eager subjects are to step into the well-worn shoes of a long-suffering feudal lord, but we must sadly bide our time a couple of weeks longer until the much-awaited launch day arrives.

Features of Diplomacy is Not an Option:

  • Experience warfare on an entirely new scale as over 10,000 enemy units assault your castle walls.
  • Respect the laws of physics. There are no hit-scan crossbows to be found here! Consider your gates, weapon trajectories, lines of advancement, and retreat. Create kill zones and fallback positions.
  • Build a stable economy and develop a prospering settlement to support your armies.
  • Beware of the land’s ancient magic that can stir dead warriors to rise and fight against you (…on the lighter side, this power can also be used to call down really very big fireballs onto your enemies). 

Ready yourselves, sharpen your swords and your quills for Diplomacy is Not an Option, launching officially on February 9, 2022.

Early Access Gameplay Trailer:

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