Sucker for Love for Free Next Week

Sucker for Love for Free Next Week

There’s nothing quite like a first date. Getting to know one another, sharing stories, laughing at each other’s awkward jokes, and discovering that your date is actually an Eldritch Terror capable of bringing about the world’s destruction. OK, so that last one may not happen on most first dates, but it definitely happens in DreadXP’s upcoming Lovecraftian dating sim, Sucker for Love: First Date
Because good things take time, Sucker for Love: First Date’s release date has moved to January 13, 2022. But do not fret, pet. To tide you over, DreadXP is pleased to announce that the first chapter / original version of the game, Sucker for Love: Prelude, will be available for FREE on December 15 via Steam! 
Sucker For Love: Prelude originally debuted as one of the 12 micro horror games featured in Dread X Collection 2. It was so well received by press and content creators (garnering millions of views across multiple channels) alike that the team decided to flesh it out into its own game. In the original chapter, players pine for L’neta, the biggest E-girl (Eldritch girl) in all of the cosmos. Thanks to a handy pink necronomicon, you’ll be able to get to know L’neta and discover that she is a loving, bubbly force that also happens to be a beacon of utter calamity and chaos.

Sucker for Love: Prelude is but a taste of the lovin’ insanity that awaits you in Sucker for Love: First Date. From performing dangerous rituals, to keeping your demonic date happy, and even escaping from the horrors that you yourself unleash, there’s lots of fun to be had in this introductory chapter.  Also, it’s important to remember that dying once or twice is a small price to pay for a smooch from an Eldritch goddess.

Sucker for Love: First Date Key Features:

  • Slide Into Her DMs (Daemoniac Manuscripts) — Thanks to the lovely pink Necronomicon you’ve found, you’ve been united with your very own blasphemous beauty. Sucker for Love: First Date features three dateable goddesses who are each fully-voiced and have unique game endings!
  • Abnormal Desires — A healthy relationship relies on compromise, so live a little and try out some of your goddess’s fun rituals! Who knows what might happen next?
  • Love Everlasting — Explore your budding romance across three chapters!
  • Stylish Invocation — Enjoy the game’s charming visuals and music that are reminiscent of old-school anime and dating sims
  • Let Your Guard Down — No horror elements or danger whatsoever. This is a dating game! You’d think we’d lie to you?… You do?… O̴̟͂́N̸̤̜͕̈́͌E̴̙̰̐͗ ̴̼̈́̍̔B̸̹̀̀Y̸̦͙̘͋̓ ̸͓͒͂́Ó̷̮͓̬̄͛N̵̨̝͓̏̈E̸͖͆ ̴̮̂͂W̴͕̺̉͠É̶̫̞̮̏̀ ̴̩̖̇W̶̄̌̓ͅI̸̦̬͖̋̉L̵͈̚L̴̨̅̔̂ ̷͕̳̬͠T̸̡͕̫̅A̶̡̢̐͜Ḱ̶̢̧̪E̴̞̰̓̒ ̴͇̓ͅY̷͓̞̦̒̌͘Ȍ̶̙͍͔͗̏Ȗ̴̗̏.

Sucker for Love: First Date cleverly re-imagines the visual novel genre through immersive gameplay mechanics, with each decision made significantly impacting how the game plays and the story unfolds. Sucker for Love: First Date kicks off the three-part Sucker for Love series, each of which features unique protagonists and shocking twists.


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