Killsquad Releasing October 21st

Killsquad Releasing October 21st

Novarama is celebrating the upcoming release of frantic four-player co-op action game Killsquad with a presentation of the game’s cinematic story trailer, with review codes now available ahead of the game’s October 21st launch.

This trailer gives players a peek into a harsh sci-fi world where super soldiers with nothing to lose and plenty of ammo to waste head off dangerous mercenary machines to earn cash. The trailer warns players about the myriad threats they will face, including alien monstrosities, an army with a price on your head, a deadly plague, and even ancient gods who love playing tricks on your mind.

Killsquad offers frantic, skill-oriented action that can be enjoyed solo or with up to four-friends in co-op. With elements that draw on twin-stick shooters, hack and slash, dungeon crawlers and bullet hell, its unique brand of gameplay creates intense encounters across five planets with hordes of alien enemies and epic bosses.

The game features five hero classes, each with their own unique weapons and skills. As you progress, powerful upgrades can be acquired for those skills, and you can spend your hard-earned bounty from successfully completed contracts on new weapons and gear. Then there’s the cavalcade of loot that can be levelled up to provide powerful passive bonuses. That’s all to say that there are a lot of ways for players to define their own playstyle across a host of varied missions in a cool sci-fi setting.

Killsquad has been in early access since July 2019 and the team at Novarama has been working really hard to get the game to a place where their players are happy with it. With the game enjoying 80+ Steam review scores in every month of 2021, the game is in a fantastic place ahead of its October 21st release.

Opening Cinematic Trailer:


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