Arboria – Out Now on PC

Arboria – Out Now on PC

All in! Games is excited to reveal that Arboria, the first 3D action roguelite with soulslike combat, developed by Polish indie developer Dreamplant Studio, is now available for PC on Steam for $19.99 / €16.79 / £15.49 , with 15% off until September 16. The release marks the end of the Trollz-like fantasy game’s time in Early Access and will be accompanied by one final, major update.

Early Access was extremely fruitful for Arboria. The game has undergone hefty changes in order to achieve a robust, release-worthy state. Up until now, ten major updates brought numerous new mechanics, weapons, locations, NPCs, and much more. 

You can see the full development roadmap on Steam.

Arboria stands out with its innovative approach to the roguelite genre, being the first game on Steam to add dynamic real-time combat to the mix,” said Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games. “Dreamplant has done a tremendous job during the Early Access period with a slew of updates that have significantly enhanced the game experience. The response from the game community is excellent and so we are confident roguelite fans will not be disappointed.”

Arboria is our bizarre love child, an amalgamation of so many influences, including Norse mythology, tribal cultures, sci-fi and fantasy,” said Marcin Szwed, CEO at Dreamplant Studio. “We are truly humbled that so many people sympathize with the unique, hard on the eyes trollz as much as we do. The community has supported us and helped us shape the game throughout Early Access, and we cannot be thankful enough for that. Join us in the world of Durnar for the weirdest dungeon crawl you’ll ever experience. And in the end, in spite of all the human-imposed genetic modifications, maybe nature will find a way to restore the original order.”

Arboria puts you in the role of a Yotunz warrior who must descend into the ever-changing tunnels of Durnar to collect Veri and heal The Father Tree. Fight, die, and repeat. Creepy monsters hide around every corner, fight your way through with Symbiotic Weapons, please the Godz, and restore the power of your tribe.

Major game features:

  • Descend into Durnar—explore procedurally generated dungeons and make sure the greatest threat you find there is yourself
  • Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations—gotta find them all
  • Unlock new traits and mutate to become stronger—power up future warriors, even if your severed head will only watch them from a jar at the graveyard
  • Face a gazillion unique enemies and bosses—Durnar is dark and full of terrors

Launch Trailer:


Game Overview Trailer:


Loot & Legend Update Trailer:

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