Sword of the Necromancer Releases its Biggest Update

Sword of the Necromancer Releases its Biggest Update

Game developers JanduSoft S.L and Grimorio of Games have released their biggest update yet for their monster summoning action roguelike Sword of the Necromancer.

Since its launch on January 28th Sword of the Necromancer has shot into the top 30 downloaded games on the Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe and after listening to the players, an update was created to add some quality of life(after death) improvements:

An Item Bag has been added that can store up to 4 items and is accessible at any time. Items stored in the bag are not in use and thus do not grant any passive or active effect. Monsters stored in the bag are not healed nor recover their health with time as the monsters you have equipped. The bag will be available after the tutorial level and is enabled by default.

New options have been added to the Game Settings. Players can now choose to recall monsters from anywhere, start the game on the floor you last played, and enable/disable the new Item Bag. Use the Game Settings to optimise your gaming experience.

Game Settings screen will appear once upon boot up after having cleared the tutorial.

Several minor bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Launch Trailer:

Dev Diary 3 Trailer:

Announcement Trailer:


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