Alchemist Adventure – Learning with Earth Guide Trailer

Alchemist Adventure – Learning with Earth Guide Trailer

Fire and water are useful elements, sure, but any good alchemist knows that a winning strategy needs to be built upon a solid foundation, and what’s more solid than the soil we’re standing on? In a new video, and developer Bad Minions introduce the practical and powerful Earth Element, an essential tool in the kit of would-be wizards as they explore the world of Alchemist Adventure, set for a Q1 2021 release on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

While at first glance, the Earth Element might seem simple and rather blunt, like the rocks and stones of which it is composed, it’s actually an incredibly useful mechanism with a variety of clever and pragmatic functions. Need to reach a high place that seems inaccessible? Conjure a column of earth to serve as an elevator. Fire and air have no mass, but earth can be used to create massive blocks of stone to put weight on pressure plates to solve puzzles. Surrounded by enemies with no time to think? Raise a barrier of enchanted terra firma to shield yourself and force your opponents to fight each other with the “confusion” effectt. When it comes to problem-solving and defense, it’s hard to top the practicality and availability of the soil under your feet.

Of course, teamwork makes the dream work, and combining earth with other elements can add some depth to your collection of alchemical abilities. You can’t easily boil water by setting a flame to it, but combine earth and fire to create lava, and bam! Your watched pot is now boiling away, revealing previously inaccessible secrets. If you find yourself running out of time to solve a complex puzzle, why not combine earth and air to create sand to activate a handy hourglass?

Watch the new trailer below to get a taste of what it feels like to get your hands dirt(y).

Learning with Earth Guide Trailer:

Learning the Water Guide Trailer:

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