Tinkertown Arrives on Steam Today

Tinkertown Arrives on Steam Today

Headup is delighted to announce that Tinkertown, their first in-house production, arrives on Steam Early Access today (8:00AM PST), at a price of €16.99 / $16.99 / £13.99 with a special launch discount of 15%. 

Headup has been around for over a decade, porting and publishing high quality independent games from external development teams. Now the company is treading into uncharted waters by delivering their first fully internal production, launching into Early Access on Steam

With Tinkertown, the company is realizing a design idea which has been floating in their heads since the beginning of their partnership with Re-Logic years ago for whom Headup created the PC Collector’s Edition of Terraria. Huge respect for this genre and long hours lovingly spent exploring the Kingdom of Hyrule in our childhood has led to the clear vision: Creating a cheerful sandbox game in the aesthetics of the old 16bit RPGs but leveraging the possibilities of modern game development such as visual effects and online multiplayer.

Tinkertown is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the federal government’s computer games funding program with a total of €153,669.

Early Access Launch Trailer:

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