Black Desert Online – Foretells the Future & “Plays True” or False”

Black Desert Online – Foretells the Future & “Plays True” or False”

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss announced that on this auspicious April 1st the portent are looking favorable upon its players. Players will be able to glimpse a hint of the future via a new but familiar fortune teller on the website. In addition, foresightful players can play a game of chance against the rest of the community. 

Players that have burning questions about their fortune or those looking for a preview of what might be coming to Black Desert Online should consult the newly opened Fortune Teller on the website. He might look familiar and has brought the same attitude to his scrying as remembered from his days as an adventure companion. Have your fortune read on the specially created website to discover something about yourself and the future. 

Meanwhile, in Black Desert Online itself, players can take a wager on a game of chance. Adventurers can retrieve an item via their in-game menu to visit a special NPC that is visiting for the duration of the event. At this NPC named Dosogan Nia located in Velia, players will be told a rumor about another character in the game. Players that visit the character involved in the rumor will be able to make a choice, and adventurers will have to guess which of the choices will be less likely to be chosen by other adventurers to be successful. For more information, players can read the full details of the event on a news article on the Black Desert Online website.

Players interested in Black Desert Online can sign up for the 7-day free trial via the Black Desert Online official website, where they can also learn more about game updates and events.

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