Story of a Gladiator Enters the Arena on November 27th

Story of a Gladiator Enters the Arena on November 27th

Brain Seal Ltd proudly presents a gladiator arena game where you will be beaten up, bleed, and die! Take the role of a new inductee to the pits, become a gladiator and go through a series of battles set across the Roman Republic looking to become the new champion of Rome. Use your coin to purchase new weapons and armor, use your experience to learn new combat abilities, and be sure to pray to the gods before you enter the arena as with their help you just might stay alive long enough to become champion.

About Story of a Gladiator
You are a common man who has lost everything in the war against the Roman empire. Your family is dead, your friends are dead, your house has been burned down and your land is now under Roman rule. Despite such misfortune you have managed to escape slavery or worse. You spend much of your time in the streets of Rome looking for some sort of meaning in your life and wondering why the gods have spared you.

One day fate finally reveals itself, are you ready to accept it?


Learn combat skills and moves that will dazzle your enemies

Over 80 enemy gladiators and 20 ferocious animals each with unique fighting strategy

3 arenas with 36 battles and 3 bosses

Win the favor of the crowd and receive unexpected help

Pray to the gods and call upon them to help you win battles

Train your very own tiger pet

Choose your origin, from Greece, Carthage or Egypt

Rogue-like mode available for those who were born gladiators


Story of a Gladiator Launch Trailer:

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