Dark Devotion out Tomorrow on PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Dark Devotion out Tomorrow on PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Brace for an unforgettable (and unforgiving) adventure, as the sidescrolling action RPG Dark Devotion will invite Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 owners into its mysterious temple tomorrow courtesy of indie publishing label The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop.

Today’s new launch trailer offers a glimpse of the pivotal battles warriors will face against impossibly powerful foes within Dark Devotion’s labyrinth – assuming they don’t perish from an unspotted lurker’s ambush or carelessly triggered trap while exploring the temple’s treasure-packed hallways.

Hibernian Workshop’s Louis Denizet has also shared an in-depth look at the game’s early boss encounters via the PlayStation Blog, detailing their intricate designs as well as the exquisite weapons they’ll use to slash down overeager fighters: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/10/23/the-gruesome-bosses-of-dark-devotion-out-october-24-on-ps4/

Dark Devotion’s weighty combat makes hack-n-slashing a doomed strategy; faultless timing with parries, rolls, and strikes coupled with a keen eye for telegraphed attacks and hidden pitfalls are key to surviving against this world’s devious inhabitants. Keeping faith in the face of relentless adversity is worth the struggle though, as it may unlock secret paths and chests never discovered during the previous journeys of zealots.

Dark Devotion features:

An armory’s worth of 250 weapons, magic types, pieces of armor, and items

Monumental, teeth-clenching showdowns against 17 unforgettable warriors

A spellbinding wealth of 180 runes, curses, and blessings

A twisting, merciless temple which hides danger and rewards around every turn

Rich lore shaping a grim, cruel realm obsessed with pleasing its insatiable God

Immense replayability thanks to branching world paths and vast loadout possibilities

Release Trailer:

Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4 Announcement Trailer:

Dark Devotion Trailer:

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