2084 – Developer Diary “The Making of”

2084 – Developer Diary “The Making of”

Feardemic today released a developer diary video about the lightning fast development of its dystopian FPS with hacking mechanics, 2084, that launched on Steam Early Access last week. The game was fully developed during a 72-hour internal game jam organised by Feardemic and Bloober Team and the video showcases commentary by the team members behind it expressing the struggles and victories they have had along the way.

We were so impressed with the level of quality of this game jam title that we’ve put all our energy into sharing it with the world within a few weeks,” said Martin Kawa, CEO of Feardemic. “This video is a tribute to the whole team acknowledging their extraordinary effort that went into the development, and also to the 2084 community, which will decide the future of the game.”

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/987850/2084/

Developer Diary “The Making of”:

Teaser Trailer:


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