Strange Brigade – “Accolades” Trailer

Strange Brigade – “Accolades” Trailer

Today, the Brigade opens its doors to a whole new league of heroes! STRANGE BRIGADE is available on Xbox Game Pass, meaning subscribers can download and play Rebellion’s captivating co-op adventure right now!

That’s including all the free additional content released for the game to date, such as Photo Mode, the Extreme Mode difficulty level, and the abundance of Horde Mode maps and Score Attack levels – a plentiful proposition by half!

To accentuate this affecting arrival, those rowdy Rebellion rapscallions have released a brand new Accolades Trailer – how very self-important!

Strange Brigade’s complete Season Pass is now available separately or as part of the Deluxe Edition, amplifying the adventure with the three-part Thrice Damned campaign, as well as five new playable characters and a meritorious miscellany of amulet powers, special items and punch-packing weaponry. It’s a value-for-money variety of veritably vaunted content, and it’s not to be missed!

Official Website:

“Accolades” Trailer

The Thrice Damned Part #<sup>3</sup> – Trailer:

The Thrice Damned Part #<sup>2</sup> – Trailer:


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