Shoppe Keep 2 – “New Features & Expanded Open World”

Shoppe Keep 2 – “New Features & Expanded Open World”

Following Shoppe Keep 2’s Early Access release on 3rd May 2018, the game has evolved meaningfully. Expanding upon strong foundations laid by the Early Access release, Shoppe Keep 2’s business management gameplay has been refined and expanded.

New Content:

Shoppe Keep 2 is not only about managing and upgrading your business but also the town surrounding it. In the game’s largest update yet, players can upgrade their town to level 3 once they have accumulated enough wealth – radically altering the town’s appearance, as well as unlocking various display stands to use in their shoppe.

The update also introduces powerful families to the world of Customerania, offering players a new challenge. Each of the three families, Selutarr, Jotunn and Squalo, bring brand new items to Shoppe Keep 2 for players to sell, and each item of stock sold impacts the player’s reputation with said family. Players are tasked with shrewdly balancing their reputation with each of the three families, as selling items from an opposing family will be seen as treachery, damaging favour with the family at hand. Having a positive reputation with a family results in game-changing bonuses such as a fast travel portal, a flying squid companion and a revenue boost.

Other Shoppe Keep 2 additions since Early Access launch include trading cards, which are dropping today, shoppe critics, enhanced character customisation and an expanded open world. Players are now able to visit the three influential families, each with their own houses to discover.

Polish and Refinement:

As well as leagues of new content, developer Strangefire has also been committed to enhancing the game on a technical level. Since launch, players have seen countless bug fixes and performance improvements. Refining the core gameplay of Shoppe Keep 2 further, there have been tweaks to progression and user interface.


Launch Trailer:

Character Creator Preview:
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