Death’s Gambit – Now Available

Death’s Gambit – Now Available

Adult Swim Games has released Death’s Gambit, the brutal, side-scrolling, monster-slaying action RPG from independent developer White Rabbit. The game arrives today on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment through the PlayStation Store and Windows PC via Steam and for $19.99.

Death’s Gambit raises you from the dead to wage war against the legendary immortals of Siradon, a vast, unforgiving land of dark forests, medieval ruins, frozen wastes and more. As an agent of Death itself, you’ll wield an arsenal of uniquely powerful weapons and abilities in wickedly challenging battles that demand quick thinking and tactics.

Choose from seven playable classes, customize your champion with new gear and talents, and adapt a play style all your own to survive against the beasts, knights, horrors, and undying guardians of the realm that lay ahead.

Siradon is a highly stylized gothic world full of ancient secrets and dangers. You’ll travel across varied locales, meet strange, enigmatic characters, and unravel a rewardingly non-linear story on your journey.

Every boss in Death’s Gambit is a precise test of skill, strategy and nerves. Give vanquished bosses a second shot at besting you after you defeat them in Heroic Mode, or start a whole new adventure in New Game Plus mode.

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