Amid Evil – Now Available on Steam Early Access

Amid Evil – Now Available on Steam Early Access

Once branded a Heretic. Now YOU have been chosen. Reclaim our sacred weapons. Take back our ancestral lands. If you can stand… Amid Evil.

Amid Evil’s fast-paced and over-the-top action is a modern throwback to games like Heretic and Hexen. Yanking players back to a truly golden PC-age experience, Amid Evil hosts savagely violent enemies and insane magical weaponry like tridents that shoot high voltage mystical electricity and katanas that expel enough force to mow down several enemies at once.

Brutal new footage released today introduces the endless mode gameplay, Hordes of Evil, which pits players against insane enemy AI. Hordes of Evil is included in the Early Access version of the game, which grants players three of the final seven campaign episodes. Each episode boasts different environments and enemies, as well as multitudes of in-game options and cheat codes.

Created with Unreal Engine and optimized to run on a toaster (a really nice toaster), the game sports a dynamic and remarkable soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (Rise of the Triad, DUSK). Amid Evil will unleash its full fury later this year.

The producers of DUSK and the creators of Return of the Triad invite you to embark upon an UNREAL new FPS adventure:

  • Seven distinct episodes each featuring a completely different setting and enemies
  • Ludicrous magical weaponry that can be overcharged with the souls of the dead
  • Endless Hordes of Evil to hone your skills against
  • Brutal and adaptive enemy AI that will hunt you down on land, sea and air
  • Sprawling non-linear levels filled with secrets and ancient lore
  • Multitudes of in-game options + cheat codes for a truly golden PC age experience
  • Epic original & dynamic soundtrack composed by Andrew Hulshult
  • Built in Unreal Engine 4 for cutting edge visuals (even if they are a bit retro)
  • Optimized to run on a toaster (a pretty nice toaster)

Official Website:

Early Access Launch Trailer:

Hordes of Evil (Endless Mode) Gameplay:



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