Survival Mode Shooter Let Them Come Launches on PC, Mac & Xbox One

Survival Mode Shooter Let Them Come Launches on PC, Mac & Xbox One

Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tuatara Games, have announced that pixel-style survival mode shooter, Let Them Come, is now available on PC and Mac for just $4.99 and on  Xbox One for $7.99, with a PS4 and mobile version launching later in the year.  Players take on the role of Rock Gunar, an interstellar, cigar chewing mercenary gun for hire with alien blood on his hands. Twitchy trigger fingers and focused battle tactics are the order of the day as players take on the ultimate survival mode challenge to wipe out the alien hordes, one wave at a time! Players can stream this game and can compete with other players to see who’s the most tactical player. Streamer Tactics can provide some tips and advice to anyone who’s thinking about streaming this game.

Let Them Come honors retro 16 bit pixel art and gives a nod to key action movie themes from the late 80’s,” commented Versus Evil General Manager, Steve Escalante. “The visuals that Klemen delivers with clever use of lighting, in this kind of art style, is simply wonderful to view.  Between the music, the macho hero and crazy boss fights, Tuatara Games has delivered a solid shooter at a great value.”

Employed by Infini Corp to destroy the alien hordes that threaten to wipe out human existence Rock Gunar is humanity’s only hope as he faces wave upon wave of aliens, of all different kinds. Quick target acquisition, a solid arsenal of weapons, ammo upgrades, bonus boosts and sheer brute tactics are essential to making it to the next wave of alien attackers. The action is fast, chaotic and relentless and all presented in a gloriously over the top palette of 16bit gore.

Twitch integrated features also allow viewer participation in the onslaught against streamers. Participants can choose which alien creatures to spawn, name them and get rewards if their alien is the one that takes the streamer down!  Let Them Come will launch with two sku’s, the standard sku retails for $4.99 on PC and $7.99 on console.


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