Skullgirls – Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

Skullgirls – Now Available for iOS & Android Devices

“Skullgirls,” the fast-paced, 2D blockbuster fighting game franchise, debuted today on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and Google Play for Android devices. Developed by Hidden Variable Studios, published by Autumn Games, and distributed by social platform giant LINE, “Skullgirls” is now available in North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The game will be coming soon to Asia and additional territories.

“To LINE, commitment to our community means access, quality and passion.  Skullgirls delivers on all three as one of the most popular fighting franchises worldwide developed specifically for LINE’s game platform,” said Takeshi Idezawa, CEO, LINE Corp.  “Today users can download the first-to-mobile Skullgirls gameplay experience offering adrenaline surging, pulse-pounding action at their fingertips.“

“The original Skullgirls sprung from the amazing artistic and technical acumen of the team at Lab Zero and the tireless support from one of the most amazing, invested communities in gaming. For the last three years, the team at Hidden Variable have brought the same passion and dedication to ensuring that we do this game justice on mobile,” said Charley Price, co-founder and creative director of Hidden Variable. “What we’ve built captures the tactical depth and creativity that separates forgettable fighting games from GREAT fighting games. That said, Skullgirls is still accessible for folks who are new to the genre or who no longer have the hours of training that traditional fighters often require. Mobile players deserve a TRUE fighting game experience. We are excited to give it to them.”

“Skullgirls” is a 2D Fighting RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you search for the mysterious SkullGirls. With thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animation, “Skullgirls” delivers one of the most visually polished games on mobile today. It features team and deck-building mechanics familiar to RPG players, in addition to custom controls designed specifically for mobile that allow players to effortlessly execute a wide variety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe. Newer players to the fighting game genre can choose the Fight Assist mode for taking on a more turn-based, tactical combat role, whereas dedicated fans will appreciate the deep tactical choices and opportunities for creative combos, juggles and more.

At the heart of “Skullgirls” is a full RPG progression system that allows players to collect and customize from a growing list of characters, unlock, upgrade and equip special moves and blockbusters, and to build teams of up to three Fighters for creating the best combinations. In a brand new supernatural noir Story mode, players brave the bright lights and back alleys of “dark deco” New Meridian in search of the Skullgirl before she destroys the world as we know it. In addition, players can explore Daily Events and compete in Prize Fights against other players to unlock new fighters, in addition to a dedicated Training mode to practice combos, try different team combinations and perfect one’s technique. Players who download the game during its first week, will unlock a special Early Adopter bonus.

“We could not be more excited to open up the Skullgirls franchise to mobile game fans around the world today,“ said Jason Donnell, President of Autumn Games.  “The combination of LINE’s insights and support and Hidden Variable’s immense talent, along with the incredibly rich Skullgirls universe, has led to what we think is one of the best mobile fighting games ever made. We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it.”

To date, the global hit franchise, developed by Lab Zero, has sold millions of copies across the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and PC/Mac platforms.


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