Dragon Quest Heroes II – Demo Now Available Free on PSN

Dragon Quest Heroes II – Demo Now Available Free on PSN

Starting today, players can take on the hero’s mantle and help restore peace to the Seven Realms in the new Dragon Quest Heroes II demo, available now as a free download on the PlayStation Store.

The demo gives players an early chance to play as four of the 15 playable heroes from the full game’s story mode, including series newcomers Lazarel and Teresa, along with fan favorites Carver (Dragon Quest VI) and Maribel (Dragon Quest VII). Players will experience the game’s fast-paced battle system, expansive environments and abundant treasures through specially-designed quests where they must defend Greena Pastures from hordes of monsters and a colossal boss.

Thrilling adventures await in the full game, where players can gear up and customize their heroes’ weapons, spells and jobs as they team up with friends online for battles of epic proportions. Dragon Quest Heroes II is releasing for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Steam on April 25th, 2017. Players who pre-order the Day One Explorer’s Edition will receive 15 in-game bonus weapons, and those who preorder through the PlayStation Store will receive exclusive items including a PlayStation 4 theme, Dragon Quest 1 Hero Costume and a special “Healix the Hero” recipe for Dragon Quest Builders.

After a thousand years of peace, the Seven Realms suddenly collapse into conflict as if guided by a mysterious and malicious force. Now, players must lead a band of powerful heroes in a quest to defeat evil and save the war-torn world.
Dragon Quest Heroes II is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on a new adventure to restore order in a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions. Up to four players can band together in cooperative multiplayer to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat challenging boss monsters.

There is also a cast of many playable characters each with unique moves and abilities – including a host of familiar faces from the Dragon Quest series and four brand-new heroes that must team up to defeat an unknown threat looming over the Seven Realms.

Official Website: http://www.dragonquest-game.com  
PSN: http://sqex.to/DQH2Demo

“Meet the Heroes” Part IV: Carver & Terry:

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