New DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours DLC is Coming Dec 14th with The CAVE DLC Bundle

New DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours DLC is Coming Dec 14th with The CAVE DLC Bundle

The third DLC bundle for DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours is coming December 14th 2016 and will contain three packs each providing a new ship, new stages, and new music taken from the games of CAVE Interactive Co., Ltd. The music featured comes from the prolific composers, WASi303, Keishi Yonao, and Yousuke Yasui. Each pack will be available separately for $4.99 USD or together in a bundle for $11.97 USD. Below are details on each individual pack.

Windia from Deathsmiles
From the magical land of Gilverado, comes Windia!


  • Windia is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Windia brings her bidirectional shooting and lock-on magic.
  • Collect skulls & crowns to increase your gauge, then unleash its power.
  • Hoo, Windia’s owl familiar, joins the fight.
  • Unique stages and music (with remixes by WASi303)

Delta Sword from DoDonPachi Resurrection

Resurrecting from a Blissful Death, the Delta Sword rises like a phoenix!


  • Delta Sword is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between shots and beam.
  • Fill your gauge to enter Hyper Mode to increase your combo and get items.
  • Unique stages and music (with remixes by Keishi Yonao)

Tiger Schwert from ketsui

Welcome to the special round, Tiger Schwert!


  • Tiger Schwert is playable in DLC mode as a ship.
  • Switch between normal shots and lock-on shots.
  • Collect score-increasing chips by getting dangerously close to your targets.
  • Lock-on options will shoot what you shoot.
  • Unique stages and music (with remixes by Yousuke Yasui)

Additional DLC Info: Purchasing an above DLC gives you access to 3 special stages designed specially for that ship. (Only scores using that ship will be registered in the special stages.) You will also get access to the CAVE pack: 10 newly arranged stages including 3 boss fights, as well as CS PACK 3: 10 stages from CS mode. Buying any DLC also lets you use all the DARIUSBURST ships from the base game in the DLC Mode stages.

About CAVE: Started by former Toaplan members, CAVE is a Japanese developer that has specialized in arcade games since 1995. Although CAVE has produced games for many genres and platforms, they are most famous for their pioneering role in the “bullet hell” shooter sub-genre. CAVE’s most widely known games include Mushihimesama, Deathsmiles, and DoDonPachi Resurrection.

About Degica Games: Degica Games is a Tokyo-based publisher specializing in localizing Japanese games for the global market. We’re best known for the RPG Maker franchise and shooting games such as DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, The Shooting Love series, ESCHATOS Wonder Pack, and Crimzon Clover. We’re even branching out into fighting games with Koihime Enbu and more. Our goal is to bring you the best games from Japan and all around the world!

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours DLC Trailer:

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