The Nintendo Switch (Codenamed Nintendo NX) Officially Announced by Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch (Codenamed Nintendo NX) Officially Announced by Nintendo

It would appear that most of the rumors and speculation surrounding what the Nintendo NX would be (i.e. a hybrid handheld/home console system with detachable controllers, that uses game cartridges instead of DVDs), was all validated today when Nintendo released a three minute video showing an actor playing the Nintendo Switch on a television at home.

As the video plays, we see the actor remove the Nintendo Switch from its home console processing dock – reattaching the controllers — and then heading to the woods with his dog to continue playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This validates claims that Nintendo’s new console is a bonafide handheld that can be played anywhere, even outside the home.

The biggest revelation came when the video showcased some of the the Nintendo Switch’s launch titles: Is that The Witcher 3 and Skyrim being played at the end of the video? It sure looks like it. We are also shown brief clips of actors playing a new Mario Kart and a new Mario game, adding to the fever pitch excitement this long-awaited announcement brings.

The pricing for the Switch still hasn’t been official announced, but rumors have the main console (i.e. the portable and the joysticks) retailing for $299.99, while the complete system bundle – which contains the processing dock to enhance the system’s performance and connect it to a television – retailing for $399.99. Again, these prices are not confirmed, and could change at a moment’s notice.

Be sure to stay tuned to for updates on Nintendo’s exciting new console system.

UPDATE: 10-20-2016 2:59EST:

Nintendo has just released a partial list of partners supporting the Nintendo Switch. Is that Bethesda we see in their partner list? Say it isn’t so.

Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer:

Nintendo Switch Console System:

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