Superfight Now Available on Steam

Superfight Now Available on Steam

At long last, you can now challenge the world to prove that a burrito-throwing Polar Bear riding a depressed Centaur could take on any challenger—no matter how ridiculous—and you can do it live on Twitch. 505 Games and Pipeworks, in association with Skybound Entertainment, announced today that SUPERFIGHT, the hilarious party game about absurd fights, is now available on STEAM.

Based on the hit card game by Darin Ross, the STEAM version of SUPERFIGHT brings the same infectious fun for up to four online players who can optionally broadcast to an audience on Twitch—where the viewers have the power to vote in chat and help determine the winner! “I’m insanely excited about what 505 Games and Pipeworks have done with my game. It’s not that they did things I thought were impossible; it’s that they did things I never even began to think about. And they did it with a lot of style. I couldn’t be happier with them or this release,” said Darin Ross, creator of Superfight.

Built in partnership with Twitch’s Stream First initiative, SUPERFIGHT allows anybody to easily broadcast to Twitch while enabling their viewers to affect their game. Viewers can vote for their favorite fighter, broadcasters can invite viewers directly into their own games, and everyone earns experience towards new cards, titles, and more—even if they don’t own SUPERFIGHT (which they should fix, because SUPERFIGHT is awesome).

SUPERFIGHT’s fantastically fabulous features:

A/V made EZ: 4 online players can effortlessly connect with full audio and video chat and then optionally stream their arguments with built-in broadcasting.

Stream First: Link your Twitch account to broadcast and allow viewers to vote for the winner directly from chat. Instantly load your favorite SUPERFIGHT Twitch streams, cast your vote for winners directly within the game, or for archived games using Quick Vote.

Everyone can Broadcast:  All players have the option to broadcast to their own Twitch channels, collecting votes from all their viewers. No external software required!

Invite your Viewers:  Link directly to your game in chat, allowing any viewer to fire up SUPERFIGHT and join your lobby with a single click.

Everyone earns rewards (even if they don’t own the game yet!): Earn XP towards levels and unlock cards, titles, and more by playing, broadcasting, or simply voting on matches through Twitch chat. If you ever voted on Twitch, you have XP waiting for you in game. Link your Twitch account to get your goodies!

Steam Powered: Players can play with Steam Friends while earning Achievements, Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons, and Profile Backgrounds.

Always Expanding: Fans can purchase expansion decks including an exclusive The Digital Deck, The Walking Dead Deck, The R-Rated Deck, The Geek Deck, and more, all while earning countless free cards over time.


SUPERFIGHT is available via digital download on STEAM via the following link:

The core game will include The Purple Deck (“Scenarios Deck”) and The Blue Deck (“Locations Deck”) for free and will receive on-going content and updates. Additionally, The Walking Dead Deck, The Red Deck (“R-Rated Deck”), The Green Deck (“Geek Deck”), The Mindcrack Deck, and the digital-exclusive The Digital Deck will be available as DLC expansions to the base game. The first week of launch the game will be available at a 10% discount for $8.99 and the expansion decks will be available as a DLC bundle offering a 40% discount for $14.99.

SUPERFIGHT will also be available for play and purchase at San Diego Comic Con, including a presence in the San Diego Convention Center and live streaming at Sparks Gallery in the heart of the Gaslamp District. Fans should be sure to tune into Twitch throughout the weekend for live streams from Comic Con featuring their favorite Twitch broadcasters.

Superfight Screenshots:

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