Slice It! Review (Nintendo 3DS)

Slice It! Review (Nintendo 3DS)
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Slice It by developer Arc System Works is a geometric-based puzzle game that began its life as a smartphone app for both Android and iOS devices respectively. The Nintendo 3DS version of Slice It – while similar to its smartphone brethren – utilizes the Nintendo 3DS’ touch screen and stylus to ‘slice’ the on-screen shapes into smaller objects.

The game includes a staggering 240 puzzles that span across multiple chapters. As expected, the first ten or so puzzles are easy to complete. But as the game progresses, the shapes become more elaborate and very difficult to ‘slice’. Each stage provides a number of conditions — the number of pens that must be used; how many pieces are needed to ‘slice’ an object; and whether the pieces being cut are even in size. They don’t have to be the same shape, but they do have to maintain a certain size to pass.

Slice It Nintendo 3DS

There are times when the player will have to rely on the provided Undo feature and Hint system to complete a stage. As the name implies, the Undo feature will erase any ‘slices’ the player has drawn with the stylus. The Hint system, though, relies on ‘points’ that accumulate during the course of the game. When activated, the Hint system will provide an example of how to cut a puzzle piece by placing a dotted line across the current object. How the player proceeds from there is entirely up to them.

Slice It’s gameplay doesn’t offer much else beyond slicing ‘n dicing different objects. The graphics are an interesting mix of quick, penciled in shapes over a notebook paper background, giving the illusion of a homework assignment gone awry. But aside from that, Slice It is a simple game that doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s one of those games that works best when played during a short bus ride downtown or when there’s little else to do.

Slice It Nintendo 3DS

Slice It may have limited appeal, but in small increments it can be very rewarding. Just remember to wear your thinking cap while playing; you’re going to need it.

Slice It Official Website:

Mike Pittaro
System: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: Aksys Games
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $5.99

Review Score
The graphics are an interesting mix of quick, penciled in shapes over a notebook paper background.
Aside from the sound of your pencil, there isn't much else to mention.
Slice It's gameplay doesn't offer much else beyond slicing 'n dicing different objects.
Slice It can be rewarding when played in increments.
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