Forsaken World Mobile – Massive Expansion Announced

Forsaken World Mobile – Massive Expansion Announced

Fedeen Games announced today that another massive expansion for the hit mobile RPG, Forsaken World Mobile, will be launching in Spring 2016.

The upcoming Forsaken World Mobile expansion will be loaded with new features including the incredible new Epic Dungeons. These are no mere scuffles – rather, a Epic Dungeon event will require every single player on a server to unite in a battle of truly legendary proportions. Everyone will need to do their part in this unprecedentedly global test of teamwork.

Forsaken World Mobile fans can also look forward to the 3V3 Arena. In addition to the pre-existing solo combat Arena, players will now be able to team up with two allies for a dynamic, collaborative PVP experience.

These are but two of the brand-new inclusions in the new Forsaken World Mobile expansion, which will also feature character-centric improvements such as new skills and weapon upgrades.

More information will be forthcoming as the expansion’s release approaches.

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