Ride Review (Xbox One)

Ride Review (Xbox One)
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The latest motorcycle simulator by developer Milestone S.r.l has finally launched on all the major platforms. Ride provides an authentic Motorsport experience, complete with a full-range of motorcycles, accessories, and numerous ways to customize your in-game appearance.

The game starts with the player designing their avatar (i.e. Rider).  The available customization options are extensive, as they allow just about everything to be modified (including titles and riding styles). Ride includes a handful of mainstream accessories and motorcycles from brand-name manufacturers.

Some fans of the Motorsport racing genre are complaining that the accessories included in the game, and licensed from Arai, Agv and Rev’it  (to name just to name a few), look rather sparse and unrealistic. Dedicated motorcycle racing fans will notice the lack of mainstream brands, but gamers like myself will find it unimportant.

Ride’s level of customization is uncommon in most racing games. The game literally allows you to customize a long laundry list of accessories:  helmets, footwear, jackets, pants, gloves and even the color of the visor on your helmet. It takes an enormous amount of dedication on the developer’s behalf to include so many options. Due to the game’s generous amount of custom features, it’s easy to forgive the developer for including less known manufacturers. It’s important to offer the player flexibility, even if it means reducing the amount of known vehicles in the game.

Ride does a good job of utilizing what it has for content. The game has a minimum of one hundred motorcycles, and at least fourteen manufacturers (i.e. Naked Bikes, SuperSport Bikes, SuperBike Bikes, etc.). Ride even includes historical bikes for the player to enjoy. And this doesn’t even include the amount of customization that can be done to each individual bike model. Everything from the engine and wheels to the breaks and transmission can be modified in some way.


Gamers that are fans of the MotoGP series will feel right at home with Ride. And while it has all the earmarks of a simulator, the driving mechanics feel more like an arcade racing game with game modes such as World Tour, Quick Mode and Online multiplayer.

As a fan of simulations, the arcade-style gameplay of Ride is a bit disappointing. It makes the game feel more like Daytona USA than Gran Turismo, for example. The only issue with this is that gamers expecting a hardcore simulator experience will be surprised by Ride’s more arcade friendly gameplay. Plus, the game includes a handful of handicaps, including multiple traction control to help the player cope with braking, turning and controlling  the motorcycle in a more convenient fashion.

Ride also includes road courses and even close circuit courses for your racing pleasure. And regardless of your racing style, you are bound to find a few courses that you will enjoy.


Online multiplayer adds a strong, competitive edge to the game. There’s even an active community with plenty of competition waiting to be challenged. Plus, online matches are virtually lag-free, as players jockey for position to make first place.  Like the single-player campaign, Ride’s online matches are fun, but challenging.

Ride by developer Milestone S.r.l is more of a spiritually successor to MotoGP than an actual motorcycle simulator. If you can look past the arcade-style gameplay and limited selection of motorcycles, what you will find is a competent racing game with rock-solid gameplay and above average graphics.

James ‘Daripp3r’ Pittaro
Platform: Xbox One (Also Available on PS4)
Developer: Milestone S.r.l
Publisher: Namco Bandai
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Price: $39.99

Ride Official Website: http://www.bandainamcoent.com/game/ride.html

Review Score
The graphics are better in some areas than others. For example: the character and motorcycle models look phenomenal (this also includes the menu systems). But some map locations suffer from draw in and pop-up issues that take away from the game’s realism.
Ride’s soundtrack contains numerous vehicle sounds such as engines, vehicles crashing, and even tires squealing, to name just a few.
Ride is an arcade-style racing game that plays more like MotoGP. Some gamers may disagree with this statement, but this is how the gameplay felt to me. The ’pick up and play’ gameplay makes Ride an easy choice for gamers looking for a quick, arcade racing fix. The game takes virtually no time whatsoever to setup and go; this includes both offline and online game modes.
Ride is perfect for arcade fanatics looking for a casual arcade racing experience. This is one racing game where you don’t have to be a gear head to appreciate what the game has to offer.
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