Games Inside Games – Five of the Best

Games Inside Games – Five of the Best

Ever get bored in the middle of a 70+ hour game? Creators like Rockstar and Square-Enix understand that only too well, which is why they often put other games inside their games to keep you engaged. Here are five of the finest.

Witcher 3 – Gwent:

Witcher 3 is a stunning open-world RPG filled with incidental detail, intriguing characters and monsters to hunt and slay. It also has a pretty awesome collectible card game. Gwent gives you an extra incentive to explore, as you challenge NPCs, win their cards and expand your deck. It takes a simple concept of laying down cards to get a higher battle score than your opponent, then adds layers of complexity on top, with support cards, weather effects, spy cards and leaders.

GTA V – Tennis, Golf, Darts, Gambling?

GTA V is one helluva game! It’s got a cool storyline, side quests to keep things interesting and then when you do all that you can just get GTA 5 cheats to make things even more ridiculous. Everyone groans when they recall cousin Roman’s constant requests to join him for a spot of bowling in GTA IV. But in an online setting GTA V has shown that adding mini-games can be a fantastic way to take a break from all that tiresome crime. The golf and tennis are both brilliant, while it has long been rumoured that a fully-featured casino will open to players. Until then, you can always head over to to satiate your gambling needs. It would also be a great opportunity to brush up on your skills for when the casino games are introduced, whether that is blackjack, roulette or even on the slots. How cool would it be to become a champion on these types of games when this option is available. That’s why you should make sure that you get some practice in by checking out these online slots before it’s too late.

Final Fantasy VIII – Triple Triad:

While many consider VIII to be one of the series’ weak point, thanks to a focus on angst-ridden teenage protagonists, it had one saving grace in Triple Triad. A card game of complexity and strategy. Like the Witcher 3, it requires you to travel the world challenging its inhabitants to card games to improve your deck. It was even made into a physical card game and lives on inside Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Day of the Tentacle – Maniac Mansion:

Maniac Mansion

Photograph by Johan Larsson

The first time Tim Schafer (now of Doublefine fame) got to co-design a game, he did something awesome. He shoved the game’s immediate ancestor ‘Maniac Mansion’ inside it on a character’s computer and you can play the whole thing through from start to finish.

Final Fantasy X – Blitzball:

Ever wanted to manage a team of underwater soccer players? Final Fantasy X has you covered with Blitzball. Just don’t ask how the players can all hold their breath for so long (or y’know other questions that use reason and logic).

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